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  • Korea Republic 2-0 Greece: Park Jisung solo-run

    Korea Republic struggle in World Cup started in 2010 with positive results. 2-0 victory over Greece was recorded by Park Ji-sung et al. With this result, the South Korea for a while at the top of Group B.

    South Korea scored in the match in Port Elizabeth Stadium on Saturday (12/06/2010) are each packed by Lee Jung-soo and Park Jisung solo run goal.

    This victory brought the team nicknamed "Taegu Knight" led the group B standings with three points from the results once the victory of one game.

    The game

    Greece opens opportunities through spurn Vassillis Torosidis in the third minute corner welcomes football. But his kick was deviated to the left of the South Korean goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong guarded.

    Korea opened the scoring in the seventh minute. This goal started from a free kick from the left side released the Greek defense. The ball that led to the far right pole struck by Lee Jung-soo is less stringent and successful getting ripped escort Greek goalkeeper Alexandros Tzorvas.

    South Korea has the opportunity again in minute 22. Kim Jung-woo feed into the penalty box successfully received by Lee Chung-yong. But the execution falls off the names of both are still far from the target.

    Five minutes later, the representative of Asia have the opportunity to mature. Breakthrough bait Park Ji-sung successfully received by Park Chu-young. Furthermore 10 numbered players that won the contest backs ran against Avraam Papadopoulos and stay face to face with goalkeeper Tzorvas. AS Monaco player but the execution could still saved by Tzorvas guards.

    Near the end of the first round, diagonal feed Loukas Vyntra South Korea led to the penalty box where there stood Theofanis Gekas. But goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong catch the ball first.

    South Korea's further away. In minute 51, Park Ji-sung double representatives of Asia's advantage.

    Gol Park began from mistake Loukas Vyntra control the ball. The next round of skin can be taken by Manchester United midfielder.

    Park then made it through the Guard and Papadopoulus Vyntra and ending with the execution of actions that tore the Greek goal.

    One hour into the match, South Korea has a number of opportunities. The first header from Park Chu-young who welcomes feedback Cha Du-ri still pass on the Greek goal.

    Next is Kim Jung-woo puncture the kick can still be thwarted by Vyntra.

    Greek opportunities present in minute 67. However salto kick disposed Theofanis Gekas still hovers over the South Korean goalkeeper.

    Next Dimitros Salpingidis and Pantelis Kapetanos turn creates a threat. But the efforts of two replacement players Greece has not yet been fruitless.

    Invasive Salpingidis still can be caught goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong, while the kick bounced Kapetanos still above the South Korean goalkeeper.

    Gekas! Ten minutes to disperse the back of the player numbered 17 this has ripe opportunity. Starting from the time the bait Giorkas Seitaridis on South Korean players, the ball then fell to the feet of Gekas.

    Gekas then circular motion fooled Yonghyung and release execution. But Jung Sung-ryong managed to ward off the ball with one hand.

    South Korean efforts to increase the benefits of two times denied by Tzorvas. Goalkeepers numbered 12 was dismissed kick backs Lee Chungyong at minute 86 and minute Jungwoo intermittent incursion.

    Team Line-up:

    Korea Republic: Jung Sung-ryong, Cha Du-ri, Cho Yong-hyung, Lee Jung-soo, Lee Young-Pyo, Kim Jung-woo, Ki Sung-yong (Kim Nam-il 74 '), Lee Chung-yong (Kim Jae-sung 90 '), Park Ji-sung, Yeom Ki-hun, Park Chu-young (Lee Seung-yeoul 86')

    Greece: Alexandros Tzorvas, Avraam Papadopoulos, Giourkas Seitaridis, Vassillis Torosidis, Loukas Vyntra, Giorgos Karagounis (Christos Patsatzoglu 46 '), Konstantinos Katsouranis, Alexandros Tziolis, Angelos Charisteas (Pantelis Kapetanos 60'), Theofanis Gekas, Georgios Samaras (Dimitros Salpingidis 59 ').


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