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  • Chivas Guadalajara 3-2 Manchester United: Hernandez, Nani scored

    Manchester United's back defeat in the preseason series tour. Facing the club from Mexico, Guadalajara Chivas, The Red Devils were forced to its knees with the score 2-3.

    In the new game ended Saturday (31/07/2010), one goal that was lodged in the MU goal came from Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez. Football player who this summer bought the Red Devils were "loaned" to the stronghold of Chivas in the first 45 minutes of action, and defended the MU back in 45 minutes the second.

    Goals against Manchester United which occurred Hernandez scored in the eighth minute opener was a goal that occur in these games. Sir Alex Ferguson's protégé does not have to wait long for an equalizer because Chris Smalling had responded one minute later.

    But when the break 'Red Devils' re in a position lagging. Changed to make the score 2-1 following a Chivas goal that scored by Adolfo Bautista in the 38th minute.

    English Premier League club owners the Premiership title with 18 more left in the 58th minute. Hector Reynoso Tandukan goal of The Red Devils rip and change the position to be 3-1.

    MU goalkeeper Hernandez who surged in the first round just can not do much when switched jersey. In front of 45,000 spectators who came into the game, MU had to wait until 10 minutes before the game was over for both of them can score goals.

    Nani is a 80-minute position change through action. There was no additional goals in the remaining minutes of the game for both camps. Until the referee sounds a long whistle marks the end game, the scoreboard still pointed to figures 3-2.

    Fergie back in the game are entrusting a lot of young players, he did not even include some MU stars, including Wayne Rooney.


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