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  • Uruguay 1-1 Ghana: Muntari great-goal, Forlan great free-kick, Suarez red-card

    Uruguay successfully stepped into the semifinal after beating Ghana on penalties with the score 4-2 after a 1-1 draw in 120 minutes of game time.

    Versus Ghana match between Uruguay held at Soccer City Stadium on Friday (02/07/2010).

    Ghana dominated the first half and managed to open the score through Sulley Muntari scored in the 45th minute, just moments before halftime. 1-0 score stood until the interval.

    However, Uruguay finally got back in the second round. Diego Forlan is what makes the position of the score became 1-1 on 55 minutes through a free kick.

    Furthermore, both teams attack each other unrequited. But there is no additional goals happen and continue to fight any additional round of 2x15 minutes there is also no additional goals are created.

    Unlucky for Uruguay, near the end of extra time they have lost Luis Suarez who was given a red card. It blocks the ball with his hands and the referee pointed to the white spot. Unfortunately Asamoah Gyan who becomes the executor failed to do its job and the 1-1 score did not change until renewal time.

    Finally, the winner must be on penalties shoot-out. From Uruguay, only the fifth kicker Maximiliano Pareira failed. While the Ghanaian side, there are two players who failed to execute the Jonathan Mensah and Dominic Adiyah.

    This victory brought La Celeste successfully penetrate the semi-finals and will face the Netherlands who previously defeated Brazil 2-1.

    The game

    Uruguay opened the chances in the sixth minute through Egidio Arevalo. This bald players struck hard kick from outside the penalty box but the ball is still too wide.

    Suarez! In the 11th minute, he dribbled into the left wing who then makes the right leg kick toward the goal. Unfortunately it is too easy to arrest Richard Kingson.

    Two minutes later Uruguay get the opportunity again. A free kick Forlan can not be captured perfectly by Kingson and fortunate the referee blew his whistle after the trigger-Suarez Kingson involved grabbing the ball.

    Kingson to rescue important. Football Forlan corner on 17 minutes headed by Edinson Cavani but hit the body of Jonathan Mensah and leads right into the catchment Kingson.

    Suarez made Kingson working hard. In minute 25, he managed to remove the hard kick and again could be saved by Kingson.

    In almost the same time, Ghana managed to create two threats that almost fruitful goal. Unfortunately Isaac Vorsah header and thin Gyan kick just wide to the left of goalkeeper Fernando Muslera.

    Minute 34, Muslera saves. Kevin-Prince Boateng Gyan but send the bait to the bait is too long.

    Muntari gave birth to another threat from Ghana. The ball came to the mast far the opposing goal, but Muntari received a header wide to the left goalpost mas Muslera.

    Ghana bombardment attacks finally gave birth to a goal in the 45th minute, just moments before halftime. Muntari off a hard shot that hit the field and slid into the goal successfully without being able to reach Muslera. Ghana lead 1-0 until the break.

    Uruguay pressed so straight second-half was only two minutes. Cavani got tekel from Vorsah in the penalty box but the referee claimed it was not a violation.

    Gol! Uruguayan Forlan thanks to equalize the score at minute 55. Through a free kick, punt Forlan to the left Ghana goalkeeper Kingson and missteps that failed to reach the ball.

    Less than 10 minutes later, Uruguay, Ghana's defense made enough slack. Two strikes from Cavani and Suarez nearly tore the goalpost Kingson.

    Suarez! Fucile ball in the penalty box to Suarez, and followed by kicking hard from left field in Ghana 70 min. Unfortunately the ball can be pushed over Kingson spurn Suarez.

    Bad pass Mauricio Victorino nearly fatal for his team. 72 minutes and then hitting the ball just Gyan struck by the player and then abandoned it a hard kick that can still be arrested Muslera.

    Other opportunities available Suarez six minutes later. Starting from Forlan bait in the penalty box was met by a header Suarez. Bad luck for him, the ball is still sideways.

    Three minutes later, Uruguay, throwing a golden opportunity. Maximiliano Pareira got the ball and marched toward the penalty box and then opened fire. Widened the ball away. Though goals may be born for another two Uruguayan players are in a more advantageous position than Pareira.

    1-1 score stood until dissolved. And the game went into extra time round.

    Extra Time

    Ghana gets its first chance in this round. Only five minutes walk Kwadwo Asamoah hard kick off the city from outside the penalty and the results are still far wide.

    97 minutes, Arevalo make mistakes that could have made Ghana the lead back. He lost control of the ball is struck by Gyan. Fortunately, there is Andre Scotti.

    Nicolas Lodeiro get the opportunity at minute 103. He who was behind the defender flat Ghana opened fire. Prime and re-appear Kingson thwart the shot.

    Gyan! Stephan Appiah to Gyan Lure header to continue with in minutes 109. The ball soared far over Muslera ruler.

    Four minutes later, Gyan threatened again. He gets the ball failed to feed the stomach remained well secured by the Scotti. The ball rolled toward the goal and could be safeguarded by Fucile.

    Boateng! 118 minutes, he made a thinly header just bounced over goalkeeper Muslera. A minute later, Boateng threatened by stomach kick.

    Toward the end of this round, goalkeeper crisis occurred in the Uruguay goal. Suarez who is under the crossbar visible opponent to block the ball with his hand. Bombers mercilessly gave referee with red card at the same time pointed to the penalty spot for Ghana.

    Gyan who appeared as the executor failed to carry out their duties. He kick hit the crossbar just Muslera and the score ended up 1-1 this round is completed. The match followed by penalty shoot-out.

    Penalty Shoot-out:

    This round of penalties beginning with the Uruguayan Forlan as the executioner with his first. Sign! Forlan kick outwit Kingson. Uruguay 1-0 lead

    Ghana equalize the score 1-1 by Gyan. Kick into the top left corner of goalkeeper Muslera.

    Victorino succeeded in her task. The ball lodged in the upper right corner of Kingson. Uruguay 2-1

    Same position 2-2 thanks to Appiah. Kick lodged in the upper left goalpost Uruguay.

    Scotti to Uruguay 3-2. Kingson who already dropped to fail when the ball right at the point to the left.

    Mensah for Ghanaian failed. The direction of the ball by Muslera predictable and successful on the block still lead 3-2 Uruguay.

    Pareira for Uruguay failed. Kick rebound and the score still at 3-2.

    Ghana failed. Muslera successful block Adiyah strikes on the bottom left.

    Brilliant penalty! Abreu with cool strikes made the position 4-2 as well as bringing Uruguay through the semi-finals.

    Team Line-up:

    Uruguay: 1-Fernando Muslera, six-Mauricio Victorino 0.2-Diego Lugano (19-Andres Scotti 37 '), 4-Jorge Fucile, 16-Maxi Pereira, 17-Egidio Arevalo, 15-Diego Perez, 9-Luis Suarez, 10-Diego Forlan, 20-Alvaro Fernandez (14-Nicolas Lodeiro 45 '), 7-Edinson Cavani (13-Sebastian Abreu 75')

    Ghana: 22-Richard Kingson, 5-John Mensah, 15-Isaac Vorsah, 2-hans Sarpei, 4-John Pantsil, 23-Kevin-Prince Boateng, 6-Anthony Annan, three-Asamoah Gyan, Kwadwo Asamoah, 21, 11 -Sulley Muntari (18-Dominic Adiyah 88 '), 7-Samuel Inkoom (10-Stephen Appiah 74')


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