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  • AC Milan 1-1 OL Lyon: Borriello, Briand cracking header

    AC Milan and Olympique Lyon again failed to reap victories in both matches at the Emirates Cup competition. Despite superior first time, the Rossoneri have to be content with the score 1-1.

    This 1-1 score into the second draw results obtained Milan and Lyon. In the first match, Saturday (07/31/2010) yesterday, the Rossoneri 1-1 with strong play at Arsenal, while Lyon 2-2 Celtic balanced.

    At the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (01/08/2010) , Milan's first time winning through Marco Borriello matches incoming on 55 minutes. Lyon efforts eventually led to equalized through Jimmy Briand results in 79 minutes.

    The result of this 1-1 draw with Lyon to temporarily sit on top standings with six points. While Milan sits in second place with five points. These conditions can still change considering the new Arsenal will undergo both contra Celtic game in a few minutes into the future.

    The game

    In the first half of Lyon appear slightly more dominant with more release shot on goal. Even so, none of the attack squad built Claude Puel fruitless form of goals.

    Milan itself could have one chance to score through young striker Simone Verdi. Successfully receive a ball which fed from the left side, a footballer who was promoted from youth team Rossoneri failed directs the ball past the goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

    Verdi again have a chance at receiving a removable bait Clarence Seedorf from the center of the field. Unfortunate for him, his efforts do not spurn a perfect first time, the ball flew high above the bar.

    Until halftime, the score stayed 1-1 digits.

    Milan finally open the scoring when the game went 55 minutes. Perfect when receiving a long feed Seedorf, Borriello fails when trying to bamboozle the goalkeeper Lloris, the ball managed to terhadang feet of the goalkeeper.

    But the skin still managed to round the coolly taken Verdi bamboozle Lloris and two Lyon defenders to release the bait horizontally on Borriello who is now standing in front of goal. Although his strike had on defenders, the ball still leads into the goal.

    Lyon left in a position to press in search of an equalizing goals. Some opportunities also held that the French club, one of them through Briand a kick from a narrow angle successfully blocked Marco Amelia with his left foot.

    A minute before Alexandre Lacazette free standing in a position to fail netted in AC Milan goalkeeper, while utilizing a wild ball results are born out of a corner. Lyon pressure becomes increasingly become in a few minutes ago. Milan were lucky because it was not until the circuit pressure tore his net, and even saved crossbar.

    Milan had a chance enlarge the advantage in the 75th minute, but Seedorf's free-kick right in front of the penalty box flew away from the target.

    Eleven minutes before the dispersal Lyon finally found an equalizing goal. Briand cracking header, dropping back when welcoming feedback from the left side of the Milan defense drove hard into the goal and change the position to be 1-1.


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