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  • Kaiserslautern 2-0 Bayern Munich: Ilicevic great-strike

    Defending champion Bayern Munich had to swallow defeat in the second game of the season. Visit to the headquarters of the campaign team Kaiserslautern, Friday (27/08/2010), they were subdued 0-2.

    In the match held in the Fritz Walter Stadium, which Bayern won 2-0 in the first week of Wolfsburg, beaten by goals from midfielder made by Croatian compatriot Ivo Ilicevic and Srdan Lakic in the first half.

    Kaiserslautern, who played in front of nearly 50 thousand supporters, opening the score after a hard shot from a distance of 20 meters Ilicevic successfully penetrate the defense line of FC Hollywood, including goalkeeper Hans Joerg Butt.

    Only a minute later, at the end of the game Ilicevic dikartu the red as it gets two yellow cards to give feedback Lakic ripe to be resolved, to change the position to be 2-0.

    In the second half Bayern trying all out to catch up. Half a dozen chances the team of Louis van Gaal's upbringing through, among others, Miroslav Klose, Ivica Olic and Toni Kroos, but none scored fruitful.

    For Kaiserslautern, this victory to continue their good early start to the season after defeating FC Cologne 3-1 in the first week. Marko Kurz squad even while perched on top of the standings.

    Team Line-up:

    FC Kaiserslautern: Sippel, Dick, Amedick, Rodnei, Jessen, Kirch, Bilek, Tiffert (Schulz 90), Ilicevic, Lakic (Hoffer 78), Nemec (Walch 53)

    Bayern Munich: Butt, Lahm, van Buyten, Badstuber, Contento (Pranjic 63), van Bommel, Schweinsteige, Muller, Ribery, Olic (Kroos 64), Klose (Gomez 75)


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