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  • Manchester City 3-0 Liverpool: Barry clinical finish, Tevez double

    Manchester City's impressive results in the second week of glorious English Premier League. Liverpool entertain undergo big match, The Citizens reap major victory with the score 3-0.

    Results 3-0 over Liverpool into a great achievement for British Citizens League considering they'd never win over the Reds at home since 2005. This victory party at the same time paying a lot of doubts after the first week and then they can only play 0-0 with Tottenham Hotspur.

    In the City of Manchester Stadium on Monday (08/23/2010) , City appear dominant over his guest. Playing with confidence, protégé Roberto Mancini to open the scoring through Gareth Barry at minute 13. Carlos Tevez tune City day with his goal at minute 52 and a penalty on 68 minutes.

    Three points from this match to take City up to fourth position of the standings with four points total amount collected, together with Manchester United. Meanwhile, with one point gained, the students were stranded in the sequence of Roy Hodgson 17.

    Create Liverpool, this defeat made them have not won a single victory in the English Premier League this season. In the inaugural match last week, 'The Red' matched Arsenal at home.

    The game

    Could get a fight in the early minutes of the game, City began to look to master the game before minute 10. Adam Johnson away hard kick from outside the penalty box which deviated slightly from goalkeeper Pepe Reina began strikes host.

    Pressures exerted by the pressure of the host resulted in minute 13. Puncture from the left side of the Reds defense, James Milner away from the Guard when entering the penalty box, the player's debutant City send anything with horizontal feed into the penalty box which was completed to perfection by Barry into the goalpost by clinical finish.

    In the left position, Liverpool could not give the expected reactions. The Reds appear very quickly the difficulties facing a game that was exhibited City, which makes Steven Gerrard made cs often helter-skelter in the back row.

    Barry returned to threaten the goal the Reds in the 19th minute through a shot distance away. Not long ago the turn of Carlos Teves spread threats when he managed to win the sprint and fired fights from inside the penalty box. There was no goal of that process because it leads to the side of the ball just outside the goal.

    The Red has a chance when Fernando Torres sent the ball to Gerrard who stood in front of the penalty box. But these efforts do not jeopardize the defense City because many spurn the captain's direction far off the mark.

    Six minutes before halftime Tevez turns that made the Reds rearguard misgivings. In the penalty box, the Argentine striker had a chance to outwit a Liverpool defender and fired a shot. The visitors were lucky the skin that leads to a round pole near jumped out of the field due to hit the other Liverpool players.

    In the second half City continued to give emphasis to the Liverpool defense. The result was a second goal on 52 minutes that Tevez struck.

    The goal originated from a corner kick clean header by Micah Richards in the middle of the penalty box. Standing in the middle of the goal, Reina looks ready to catch the ball coming toward him. But Tevez movement right in front of him, making Spain's goalkeeper failed to read the ball perfectly. The skin of the round went into the goal even though it seems invisible touches the Argentine striker.

    Liverpool immediately reacted to the goal. In a moment they even have three consecutive opportunities to score, which remains an endless goalkeeper Joe Hart rupture, what a great-save.

    Starting from long range shot which hit the goalposts Gerrard, Dirk Kuyt captured ball which then pass on David Ngog. But the French striker could spurn Hart countered. Efforts are made Torres second rebound from close range in the hands of too raw 23-year-old England goalkeeper's.

    On 67 minutes Liverpool were buried following the creation of more and more in the second goal from Tevez penalty executions. The referee pointed to the white dot in the penalty box following a breach of Liverpool Skrtel made against Adam Johnson.

    Do not give a lot of contributions, Ryan Babel replaced Torres on 76 minutes. Dutch footballer direct sowing as a narrow corner kick from the first bounce on the ground can still be blocked Hart.

    Not much can be done in the rest of the Liverpool game. Until the referee sounded the final whistle, the score 3-0 for the host advantage has not changed .

    Team Line-up:

    Man City: Hart, Richards, Toure, Kompany, Lescott, De Jong, Toure Yaya, Barry, Milner, Adam Johnson, Tevez

    Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Carragher, Agger, Jovanovic, Gerrard, Lucas, Kuyt, Torres, Ngog


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