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  • AC Milan 2-0 Auxerre: Ibrahimovic double-enchanting

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic bury bad memories in Serie A with a perfect stage, with double-enchanting. Newer Bomber Rossoneri appear as a savior in the opening match of Group G to face the French club Auxerre, Wednesday (15/9/2010).

    Last weekend, Ibra criticism after appearing disappointing for the club in Serie A. advanced However, instead of worse, that criticism seems to burn the spirit of former Juventus and Inter Milan star.

    Il Diavolo almost conceded in advance by the visitors Auxerre when a new game to walk five minutes. Andrea Pirlo make blunders when letting the ball fell to the feet Steeven Langil in the penalty box. Luckily, Christian Abbiati swiftly to secure the ball straight, and make sure the score remained 0-0.

    Nahas fate experienced captain Massimo Ambrosini to end the game quicker due injured in minute 15. Massimiliano Allegri was quickly lowered Ghanaian international star, Kevin-Prince Boateng to replace Ambrosini.

    Rossoneri have a golden opportunity on 24 minutes when Ronaldinho's beautiful to let go of the bait Ibrahim. Swedish tall striker kick bounced off the direction of Pirlo, who immediately went on the ball to Alexandre Pato. Young Bomber Brazil grabbed the ball with hard kicks and goalkeeper Olivier Sorin almost break down. Unfortunately, the shot Pato is still on the crossbar.

    Score glasses both teams did not change when the referee blew the whistle marks the end of the first round.

    Milan tried to break the deadlock early in the second half through Ibrahimovic and Ronaldinho cooperation. Ibrahim threw the ball from the right side to Ronaldinho at minute 48, before the Brazilian star forward it to the front of goal Sorin, and immediately greeted Pato who is waiting. However, the ball directly led to the embrace of Sorin.

    Shadowed by anxiety to end the game without a goal, the San Siro public can finally breathe easier when Ibrahim managed to carve his first goal at minute 67, after maximizing the combination of bait Ronaldinho and Boateng.

    Ibrahim does not have to wait long scored his second goal for the Rossoneri. Only three minutes later, he again forced Sorin picked up the ball after Ronaldinho's continued feedback cooked through first-time kick.

    The visitors actually had time to carve a goal in the 81st minute through Anthony Le Tallec. Starting from Benoit Pedretti's cross to Adama Coulibaly, Le Tallec and menanduknya receive the ball to the goalkeeper Abbiati. Unfortunately, the referee immediately annulled the goal for an offside position.

    As a result, Milan's 2-0 victory was wrapped up to take control of Group G standings with Real Madrid who also drew the most out of Ajax Amsterdam.

    Team Line-up:

    Milan: Christian Abbiati, Gianluca Zambrotta, Daniele Bonera, Alessandro Nesta, Luca Antonini, Massimo Ambrosini, Andrea Pirlo, Clarence Seedorf, Alexandre Pato, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho

    Auxerre: Olivier Sorin; Cedric Hengbart, Adama Coulibay, Jean-Pascal Mignot, Stephane Grichting; Dennis Oliech, Benoit Pedretti, Delvin Ndinga, Valter Birsa; Steeven Langil, Ireneusz Jelen


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