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  • Barcelona 1-0 Sporting Gijon: David Villa great-finish

    Barcelona won over Sporting Gijon. Appear dominant, Azulgrana end game with the score 1-0 through David Villa great-finish.

    Barca entertain Gijon at Camp Nou,Wednesday (22/9/2010). Josep Guardiola foster children appear very dominant in this game.

    Despite creating several chances, but there is only one goal that was successfully created by the Catalans. Single goal in those games belong to David Villa in the early secondhalf.

    This is the third victory, which was recorded Barca in La Liga this season. With nine points, Azulgrana now in third place standings. Have the same points with Valencia at the second rung, and left just one point from Real Madrid at the top.

    The game

    The first opportunity in this fight belonged to the host. In the fifth minute, David Villa after receiving the kick from Sergio Busquets Sodoran can still ignored goalkeeper Ivan Cuellar.

    Iniesta! Three minutes later, the hero of Spain at the 2010 World Cup final was their turn to have a chance. Receive feed Gabriel Milito stomach, Iniesta who was in the penalty box off a shot that again ignored Cuellar.

    Barca onslaught continues. Villa got the second opportunity in the 19th minute and again denied by Cuellar.

    Half an hour walking action, the threat of Barca came back and back through the Villa. Not to get too tight escort, El Guaje flat fire that still deviated from the target.

    Cuellar again thwart the chances Barca. This time 26 year old goalie stopped kicks from outside penalty box released by Seydou Keita.

    Villa re-throw opportunities. In minute 43, received a feed from Andres Iniesta, Valencia's former opened fire, but his efforts still hit the right goalpost nets Gijon.

    At the beginning of the second round, after the complete execution of cooperation with Iniesta Xavi could still be broken Cuellar.

    Azulgrana fruitless effort in the 49th minute through David Villa's feet. Receive feed Dani Alves, who escaped from the Villa defender guarding the next Gijon opened fire nesting in his club's former goalkeeper.

    Guest team effort by Luis Moran-kick 55 minutes from the goal Barca are still soaring.

    Barça 1-0 advantage has not been made satisfied. Defending champion La Liga continues to pressure the defense team launched an orphanage Manuel Preciado.

    67 minutes, Miguel de las Cuevas cooperation and David Barral successfully brings to the goalkeeper Victor Valdes pressure. Milito managed to stop Barral to neutralize the threat.

    Five minutes to disperse, Villa launched a kick from outside the penalty box parabola opponent. But the skin of the round was still deviated from the goal Gijon.

    In the remaining time, Gijon trying to equalize the score and launch pressures. But until the game is closed, no additional goals are created.

    Team Line-up:

    Barcelona: Valdes; G. Milito, Puyol (Pique 46 '), Maxwell, Dani Alves, Busquets, Keita (Pedro 46'), Iniesta, Xavi, David Villa, Bojan (Mascherano 69 ')

    Sporting Gijon: Cuellar; Soto, Botia, Angel, Sastre, Matabuena (D. Castro 57 '), Rivera, Ramos, Moran, Bilic (De Las Cuevas 67'), Barral


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