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  • Juventus 1-3 Palermo: Bovo great free-kick, Laquianta great-header

    Juventus still have not found consistency. Only a few days after a 4-0 win over Udinese, Juventus now even cluck at home. Juve defeated 1-3 by Palermo at the Olimpico Turin.

    The defeat from Palermo on Thursday (09/23/2010), is the first suffered by Juventus in the Serie A match at home this season. Overall, this is Juve's second defeat in four Serie A party who has acted - Juve also lost 0-1 in the inaugural match opponent Bari.

    This suffocating because of the results achieved after last weekend's 'Old Lady' successfully pluck victory over Udinese. As a result, Juve are now just earned one victory, two defeats and a draw in the Serie A.

    As a result of the defeat, Juve are still scattered in position 15 of the standings with four points. Palermo who previously inhabited the relegation zone lifted up to position 16 with equal numbers of Juve.

    The game

    Juve tried to suppress since the early minutes of action through Milos Krasic from the right side. But the alliance with Felipe Melo can still be broken.

    Juve's goal just a minute later the collapse. Ferreira Mauricio Pinilla cooperating one-two with Josep Ilicic an effort to make his goal countered Marco Storari. However, wild ball could be greeted Javier Pastore, who then shook Juve goal.

    Juve tried to reply in minute 15. Marco Motta release the bait to the far post while Alessandro Del Piero failed welcome. The ball can be controlled by a forward Simone Pepe with a kick that just ran in front of goal.

    Del Piero had another chance not long ago. This time line behind Palermo inadvertence Del Piero could make the kick off is still not well targeted.

    Got shocked with Palermo counterattack in the 37th minute, Juve again threatened from a free kick. Del Piero sent the ball speeding rushing toward the goal, but goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu can still brushed it off with great difficulty.

    Two minutes before halftime, Del Piero registered a another chance. From collaboration with Fabio Quagliarella, Del Piero kick that hit off the crossbar Palermo. Moments earlier, it was an attack that ended in Palermo Juve goalposts.

    In the second half, Luigi Del Neri who coached Juventus Amauri and Vincenzo Iaguinta include adding to its bang on. As a result, almost any break Amauri Palermo goalkeeper in the 56th minute.

    Continue to seek the equalizer, instead Juve goalkeeper conceded again on 61 minutes. From a process that is almost similar as in the first goal, Storari managed to save shots on goal from Pastore despite Juve back line failed to supervise Ilicic then being able to do rebound.

    Lapse of four minutes, finally shaking Palermo goalkeeper after Iaquinta netted. However, goals do not apply because the sign offside flag was flown.

    The greater the advantage Palermo on 85 minutes. From a free kick, Cesare Bovo kick that flew off and lodged in the Juve goal.

    Two minutes after the goal was, in fact negligent Bovo doing his duties in guarding Iaquinta. As a result, an attacker could gore ball Juve to break down and diluting the Palermo goalkeeper missed his team finished 1-3.

    Team Line-up:

    Juventus: Storari; Motta, Bonucci, Chiellini, Grygera; Krasic, Felipe Melo, Marchisio, Pepe (Iaquinta 46), Del Piero (Aquilani 60), Quagliarella (Amauri 46)

    Palermo: Sirigu; Cassani, Munoz, Bovo, Balzaretti; Migliaccio, Bacinovic (Rigoni 77), Nocerino; Pastore (Darmian 93), Ilicic; Pinilla (Abel Hernandes 67)


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