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  • Glasgow Rangers 0-1 Manchester United: Rooney superb-penalty

    Manchester United must wait until the 85th minute for Glasgow Rangers goalkeeper could break down. Single goal scored by Wayne Rooney from penalty spot bring Manchester United to cruise last 16.

    Despite playing as host at the Stadium Ibrox Park, Glasgow, on Wednesday (4/11/2010) , Rangers would play defensive and let MU master the game.

    Manchester United dominated the attack nevertheless not scored due to tough and clay Rangers rearguard. New in 85 minutes, Rooney finally break down the nets Rangers from the white point.

    This victory makes MU advanced to the final round to have to earn 13 points from five matches. While the Rangers certainly fail.

    The game
    Just six minutes of the game running, MU has recorded one shot on goal. Welcoming Fabio da Silva's cross from the left, Dimitar Berbatov header can still be caught goalkeeper Allan McGregor.

    From a very similar scheme, Fabio again off a cross on 39 minutes. This time, the ball headed Rooney, McGregor is one step was resigned, but the ball hit the crossbar and failed to be scored.

    Two minutes later, Rangers are a lot rests on the counter-attack almost scored a goal. Kenny Miller's pass in the penalty box and kicked MU from a narrow angle, but his shot denied by Edwin van der Sar's legs.

    A minute second half began, MU posted a chance again. Rooney free kick just outside the penalty box on the right side pole Rangers. Score still 0-0.

    Michael Carrick who appeared trim commanding midfield MU earn a chance at minute 54. But Carrick kick from inside the Rangers penalty box can still be pushed out McGregor.

    Two minutes later, Rangers turn threatening. This time, Gary Naismith kick from inside the penalty area forced Van Der Sar brushed it off so as not to nest in Chelsea's goal.

    McGregor perform deft secure the net. In minute 58, Berbatov's shot from inside the penalty box pushed over the goal keeper out and still not well attended.

    At the moment Rangers increasingly solid at the back, Manchester United got a penalty on 85 minutes due to Naismith violate Fabio by lifting the foot too high. Rooney's perfectly executed and scored, 1-0 for MU.

    Two minutes before the game ended, a replacement striker Javier Hernandez nearly scored a second MU. But Chicharito kick from inside the penalty box too weak and secured by McGregor.

    Score 1-0 for MU advantage survives until the referee blew the long whistle marks the end of the game shortly thereafter.

    Team Line-up:

    Glasgow Rangers: McGregor, Foster, Weir, Broadfoot, Whittaker, Weiss, McCulloch, Hutton, Davis, Naismith, Miller

    Manchester United:
    Van der Sar, Oshea, Evans, Smalling, Fabio, Nani, Carrick, Scholes, Giggs, Rooney, Berbatov


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