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  • Seongnam 0-3 Inter: Stankovic, Zanetti great-finish

    Loss of playmaker Wesley Sneijder since the early minutes did not reduce the spurs Inter Milan. Successfully picked a 3-0 victory over Seongnam Ilhwa, La Beneamata deliver it to the final of the European representatives.

    Inter face Seongnam in the semi-final match held at the Sports City Stadium Zayet on Wednesday (12/5/2010) . Inter already have lost playmaker Wesley Sneijder in the first minute of the match due to injury.

    The loss of Sneijder did not make the spurs winning the European Champions League declined. Three goals in their work off to the goalkeeper deputy Asia.

    Dejan Stankovic scored in the third minute opened the scoring for Inter. Captain Javier Zanetti double the Nerazzuri advantage in the 32nd minute. Diego Milito stabilize the Italian team victory thanks to goals from his 73 minutes.

    This victory brought foster children Rafael Benitez drove to match the peak December 18 next. Inter in the final opponent is the deputy Africa Mazembe. While Seongnam face Internacional in the struggle for third place.

    The game

    Inter Milan have lost Wesley Sneijder in the first minute of the game due to injury after exposure Dachshund Kim Sung Hwan. He was replaced by Thiago Motta.

    European Representative opened the scoring in the third minute through Dejan Stankovic kick. Starting from the partnership of Samuel Eto'o and Diego Milito, then ran through the defense Seongam Stankovic. In the penalty box, the Serbian player who fails to remove the flat shots goalkeeper Jung Sung-Ryong dammed.

    La Beneamata double the advantage in minute 32melalui Javier Zanetti. This goal begins from operand Zanetti towards Milito. Milito then return the ball toward Zanetti. Inter captain greeted him with a nest in a corner kick to the right Asia deputy goalpost .

    Cesar break opportunities gained by Seongam in the 36th minute. With one hand, Cesar dispel Dzenan Radoncic header.

    Seongnam present excellent opportunities for three minutes to break. Starting from a free kick Molina, Cho Byung Kuk headed the ball but the ball still deviated from the target.

    Seongnam back has a chance in the final minutes of the first half. Molina's free kick made it past the posse, but are still thin on the right side of Inter's goal.

    Opportunities for Inter again present two minutes after the break. Milito kick foiled by Sung Ryong. The ball was released from the catch 25-year goalkeeper, but he can secure the situation.

    Inter had a chance back one hour game walk. Not getting tight escort, Dejan Stankovic broke through the right side of opponent's penalty box. He then took off the bait to the middle, but the ball hit the player Seongnam.

    Seongnam trying to wage pressure. But not many are forced Julio Cesar to work hard. Five minutes later, kicking Jae Cheol still hovering over the Inter goal.

    Milito Nerazzuri establish superiority in the 73rd minute goal kick started from Samuel Eto'o who had pushed over Sung-Ryong. Milito struck the ball rebound. On the first occasion, the Argentine striker slipped so its not on the ball.

    Milito then bounced back and did not waste a second chance to struck the ball into the goal the team was nicknamed Pegasus.

    Seongnam present a golden opportunity to end the fight. Sasa free kick Ogneovski be pushed over Julio Cesar. Dzenan Radoncic struck the ball rebound off the mark but still thinner than the target

    Team Line-up:

    Seongham: Sung Ryong; Jae-Sung, Sasa, Byung Kuk, Chul, Molina, Sung Hwan, Jae Cheol (Kwang Jin 68 '), Radoncic (Jin Ryong 87'), Sung Kuk (Ho Yung 67 '), Dong Geon

    Inter Milan: Julio Cesar, Cordoba, Zanetti, Lucio, Chivu (Santon 78 '), Stankovic, Cambiasso, Sneijder (Thiago Motta 4'), Pandev, Milito (Muntari 75 '), Eto'o


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