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  • Juventus 2-1 Bari: Del Piero free-kick, Aquilani great-strike

    After experiencing defeat in two previous matches, Juventus finally managed to pluck victory over Bari beat 2-1. These results bring Bianconerri rise to fifth position.

    Playing match in front of the public itself at the Olimpico Turin on Sunday (01/16/2011) , Juve managed to excel in advance through Alessandro del Piero free-kick in the first round. Excellence is successfully defended the teams 'zebra' to pause.

    In the second half, Bari shows resistance to score goals by Gergely Rudolf replies in 57 minutes.

    Further more Juventus master the game. Alberto Aquillani managed to break the deadlock at the same time his team won through the kick in minute 79.

    With the three points earned Juventus now return to Champions League zone ranked fifth with a collection of 34 points. While Bari increasingly slumped at the bottom of the standings by 14 points from 20 matches.

    The game
    Juventus gets the first shot in ninth minute. Alberto Aquillani off the right leg kick from the left side of the box but still widening.

    Nicola Belmonte created the first chance for the visitors in collaboration with Andrea Masiello. Gianluigi Buffon but still swiftly catching the ball that led to the middle of the net.

    Bari back trouble the home team's defense. Starting from a free kick, Alessandro Gazzi send feedback received into the box Jaime Romero Gomez. But again the ball successfully defused by Buffon.

    Juventus gained a golden opportunity in minute 27. Alessandro Del Piero's corner kick to make Jean Francois Gillet working hard to save his goal.

    Re-make del Piero Juve cheers echoed from his free-kick bounced just over the net Gillet thin.

    Juve get a free kick from the middle and outer. But Del Piero wasted because his shot was too soar.

    Gol! Juventus now leads 1-0 in 43 minutes. Del Piero became a scoreboard after his free kick goal nesting in the upper right corner Bari.

    Post-break, Juve do pressings tight. But exactly Bari scored a reply in 57 minutes.

    Edgar Alvarez raced with a stab from the left side pitch, a ball fed to Gergely Rudolf, who then scored without the ball can be dammed Buffon's. Score is now 1-1.

    Bari goalkeeper was threatened by the Juve attack. Aquillani kicking and heading Jorge Martinez thin it widens toward the left goalpost Gillet.

    Juve finally successfully increased his lead in minute 79. Del Piero's free kick secured Kamil Glik and fell to the feet Aquillani the outer edge of the box. He then did a flat hard kick that changed the score became 2-1.

    Cooperation Milos Krasic-Aquilani gave birth a chance. But Aquillani kick from outside the box is still too high.

    Massimo Donati threatened in injury time. But his shot from outside the box is also the highest forbidden and widened.

    Team Line-up:

    Juventus: Buffon, Chiellini, Bonucci, Traore (Grygera 78 '), Sorensen (Motta 65'), Sissoko, Aquilani, Pepe, Krasic, Giannetti, Del Piero

    Bari: Gillet, Glik, Belmonte, Rossi, Masiello, Donati, Gazzi, Alvarez, Gomez, Kutuzov (Okaka 51 '), Rudolf (Castillo 76')


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