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  • Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool: Giggs penalty, Gerrard sent-off

    Penalty Ryan Giggs took Manchester United's a 1-0 win over Liverpool, who finished the third round of the FA Cup minus one player, after Steven Gerrard's red-carded.

    At Old Trafford on Sunday (01/09/2011) , MU winning kick quickly through Giggs penalty. Penalties are given after Dimitar Berbatov was dropped in the forbidden box.

    Liverpool's increasingly depressed after the mid-second round must perform minus one player. Referee Howard Webb straight red card after a scramble the ball by Michael Carrick.

    No longer a goal that is created thereafter, and Manchester United could only win 1-0 to advance to the FA Cup fourth round, while Liverpoo, who first dealt with Kenny Dalglish, was eliminated.

    The game

    Just two minutes of the game running, Manchester United have got a penalty after referee Howard Webb pointed to the white point. He considered Dimitar Berbatov has been violated Daniel Agger in the forbidden box.

    Ryan Giggs advanced into executioners and complete the task well. Giggs was unable to kick was blocked though Pepe Reina was able to guess the direction of the ball.

    Opportunity wasted to Liverpool in four minutes. Steven Gerrard release the bait that is intended to Fernando Torres who has a room. However, Torres is still weak kick.

    From the right side, Maxi got enough room to open fire at minute 18. But the ball's speed leads right to Tomasz Kuszczak.

    Moments later Liverpool's Gerrard spread threats again to successfully pass the Martin Kelly on the right side. Kelly sent a cross along the ground into the face of goal only for Rio Ferdinand confronted with his heel.

    Liverpool played with ten players! Gerrard referee red-carded on 32 minutes after a scramble the ball by Michael Carrick. The referee seemed to assess if it is a decent offense to the red card.

    At minutes 38 MU try to attack through cooperation Nani and Rafael on the right side is still weak but kicking Nani. Kuyt then reply on the other side of the field even though his shot has not led to MU goals.

    Jonny Evans nearly double the MU advantage at last minute of first half. From the corner of the football, he welcomes the ball with his head and the skin round and then just hit the goalpost.

    MU Direct sowing in the early second-half attack, one of them through the still thin Chicharito header wide in the Liverpool goal. Patrice Evra had also asked for a penalty after dropped on the forbidden box, but Webb did not provide them this time.

    Giggs sends high gastric feedback in 55 minutes advance toward the goal. Chicharito try to gore with Reina crashing. The ball then throw to the foot of Berbatov who continued to kick that soared.

    Liverpool get a free kick just outside the penalty box after Anderson prop Fernando Torres on 64 minutes. Fabio Aurelio prepared to take and then struck well towards MU goal. Kuszczak reacted with equally good and brushed it off.

    Crisis occurs in the face of goal on 68 minutes Liverpool. Berbatov be the last person who touched the ball and the skin round thin brush on the side of the goal.

    MU attack wave has not ended. Reina's goal and then battered and then Evra fired a shot that can be pushed over the goalkeeper as he stretched.

    Team Line-up:

    Manchester United: Kuszczak, Rafael Da Silva, Ferdinand, Evans (Smalling '84), Evra, Nani, Carrick, Fletcher (Anderson '63), Giggs, Berbatov, Hernandez (Owen '75).

    Liverpool: Reina, Kelly, Skrtel, Agger, Aurelio, Kuyt, Meireles (Shelvey '60), Lucas, Maxi (Babylon '60), Gerrard, Torres (N'Gog '77).


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