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  • AC Milan 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur: Crouch great-finish

    Tottenham Hotspur grasp valuable results in the first leg of the Champions League last 16 after winning 1-0 at home to AC Milan. Peter Crouch made a single goal.

    Spurs already showing offensive since the early minutes on a tour to the San Siro on Tuesday (02/15/2011) . However, new-born goal at minute 80.

    Milan had rattled the Spurs goal in the final minutes through Zlatan Ibrahimovic salto kick. But the goal was not valid because there have been previous violations.

    Spurs went home with valuable victory which would be capital in the second leg on 9 March. Milan vice versa have to try extra hard to catch up in the compound Spurs later.

    The game

    Milan since the early minutes immediately got pretty intense attack from the Spurs. However, Milan's back line was able to sweep the ball.

    Christian Abbiati also play an active role in efforts to anticipate the Spurs player to break his goal. Several times he was able to secure the area.

    Bad luck for Abbiati, he then had to be pulled out in minute 19 after a clash with Peter Crouch in an air duel. Marco Amelia into a replacement.

    Through counter-attack, Zlatan Ibrahimovic fell slightly outside the penalty box on 23 minutes Spurs. There was no violation, the referee said.

    Milan got a free kick on 32 minutes after Robinho was dropped. However, Ibrahimovic is still not kick on target.

    Lennon in action on the right side at the minute 41 and managed to cross off. But for Crouch once the ball is still too high. After that Amelia was tested by Rafael van der Vaart.

    Before the break, Milan tried to suppress. Robinho controlled the ball on the left but his shot is still far from Spurs goalkeeper.

    Spurs hit back immediately since the early minutes. But Van der Vaart kick was wide. Milan then reply, despite efforts to send the ball to Pato is still cut.

    Rescue from Gomes! Mario Yepes gore with a neat ball and held the Spurs goalkeeper at minute 50. Spurs then respond by kick-kick that Van der Vaart is still not bear fruit.

    Flamini should sent-off, hard two foot tackle on Corluka that down injured. Gattuso makes confrontation, put his hand on Spurs team trainer.

    Gomes back into the rescue on 60 minutes. Again Yepes which forced him to do the rescue through a hard header in front of goal.

    On Crouch's 70th minute free-kick managed to greet. However, the ball still leads right into the arms of Amelia.

    Spurs lead 1-0! From the counter-attack Lennon sprinted, passed Yepes then send the ball to Crouch who was escorted in front of goal. With easy, Crouch goal Milan break.

    Robinho gets a chance in the final minutes. But Dawson managed to block the ball.

    Spurs goalkeeper vibrate in the final minute! Milan's goal turned out to cheer but not valid because there have been violations.

    Team Line-up:

    AC Milan: Abbiati (Amelia '19); Abate, Nesta, Yepes, Antonini; Gattuso, Silva, Flamini; Robinho, Seedorf (Seedorf '46), Ibrahimovic

    Tottenham Hotspur: Gomes, Corluka (Woodgate '59), Gallas, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto, Lennon, Palacios, Sandro, Pienaar (Krancjar '77); van der Vaart (Modric '62); Crouch


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