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  • Atletico Madrid 2-2 Sevilla: Negredo, Koke, Reyes, Rakitic great-finish

    Coming from behind twice, Atletico Madrid managed to force a 2-2 draw as host Sevilla at the Vicente Calderon in the fight continued Liga BBVA, Saturday (2/26/2011) . Atletico's success catch up thanks to Koke and Jose Antonio Reyes goals.

    Atletico actually hit first. In the 8th minute, Thomas Ujfalusi nearly created a goal for Atletico. Unfortunately, despite free-standing, the player who plays defender was unable to direct the ball well. Kicks off the ball far to the right side Sevilla goalkeeper who escorted Javi Varas.

    Seven minutes later, Raul Garcia's turn to threaten. Varas lucky to still be able to confront the harsh Garcia kick the ball from outside the penalty box.

    Atletico continued to press and do not give room for Sevilla to grow. Sevilla just get out of pressure when the game entered the 30th minute. Some of the opportunities they get though not so threatening.

    The 38th minute, Sevilla can best opportunities. Their mainstay striker, Luis Fabiano, fired a shot arched from the penalty box. Unfortunately, the ball was deviated to the left of goalkeeper David De Gea, Atletico goalkeeper.

    Alvaro Negredo then able to break the deadlock at minute 41. Bait chest of Diego Pedrotti able to be utilized Negredo by releasing the ball a hard kick left leg could not dammed De Gea, 1-0 to Sevilla.

    In addition to first-half minutes, Kun Aguero should be equalized. But the golden opportunity that he could successfully countered by Sevilla goalkeeper with his foot.

    Atletico able to excel quickly in the second round. New three-minute second-half run, Koke Varas goalkeeper managed to break through the header. This goal also thanks to the contribution Varas is not in a position right now to anticipate the header Koke.

    Atletico continued to try to get their second goal. In the 59th minute, Atletico have twice the chance to break through the action Sevilla goalkeeper Aguero and Koke. Luckily for Sevilla, Varas able mentahkannya.

    Sevilla actually capable of scoring in the 66th minute. Ivan Rakitic had converted Javi Navas feed into a goal with his right foot shot measurable. The ball rolled smoothly into the right corner of the Atletico goal without being intercepted by De Gea.

    Atletico return back in the 76th minute. This time the actor was Jose Antonio Reyes. Utilizing feedback from the stomach back line, calmly conquer Reyes Varas left foot kick that put the ball into the left corner of the Sevilla goal. 2-2.

    Two minutes later, Aguero had the opportunity to make Atletico turned excel. But Varas brilliant comeback by blocking a kick ball players are from Argentina.

    Aguero had another chance in the 81st minute. Through the quick free kick incident by Tiago from inside the penalty box, Aguero immediately kick off a flat which is unfortunately still hit Varas. Opportunities that should bear fruit only created a corner kick goal for Atletico.

    Seven minutes later, Sevilla are back to threaten. Negredo speculative kick from outside the penalty box only to provide shock therapy to Atletico. Kick the ball still hit the crossbar Atletico.

    Team Line-up:

    Atletico Madrid: David De Gea, Alvaro Dominguez Soto, Diego Godin, Antonio López, Tomas Ujfalusi, Raúl García, Tiago, Koke (Francsico Juaffran 68), José Antonio Reyes, Sergio Agüero, Diego Forlan

    Sevilla: Javi Varas, Julien Escudé, Federico Fazio, Fernando Navarro, Mouhamadou Dabo (Sergio Sanchez 61), Gary Medel, Ivan Rakitic, Diego Perotti, Jesús Navas, Álvaro Negredo, Luis Fabiano (Renato 90)


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