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  • Espanyol 0-1 Real Madrid: Casillas red-card, Marcelo great-strike

    Real Madrid managed to cut the distance with Barcelona after beating Espanyol 1-0 in the cage itself. This action is also colored red card received by Iker Casillas at the beginning of the fight.

    Compete in Cornella - El Prat, Sunday (02/13/2011), Madrid must play with 10 men. Casillas was expelled for a foul on Jose Callejon in the second minute.

    Nevertheless, child care is even Jose Mourinho managed to steal a goal by Marcelo in the mid-first round.

    Utilizing the benefits of the number of players, Espanyol appear more pressing. In the second half, the team nicknamed this Periquitos very dominating the game and gave birth to a number of opportunities.

    However, because the discipline defense and slick performances from goalkeeper Antonio Adan, Madrid goalkeeper had remained a virgin until the fight was over.

    With the three points gained, Madrid remains at number two with 57 points and only packing five points adrift of Barca in the previous games Sporting Gjion detained. Espanyol did not budge at number six with a collection of 37 points.

    The game

    Madrid lost Casillas when a new game to run two minutes. The goalkeeper was expelled out of the field, straight red-card, The Real keeper rushes out of his area to intercept the ball Callejon is chasing and he trips him on the edge of the box! The referee doesn't hesitate and sends off the Spain captain.

    Antonio Adan signed to replace Angel Di Maria are two a minute and then immediately got in his debut test in the arena of La Liga. He is expected to Luis Garcia's free kick and brushed it off successfully.

    Opportunities available from Madrid who started football corner. But the ball was met by a header from Sami Khedira with thin still hovering over Espanyol goalkeeper.

    Marcelo! After meandering in the penalty box, kicking Brazilian defender had a chance to hit an opposing player and the ball just bounced a little.

    Espanyol respond by Javi Marquez in minute 14. It releases half-volley kick from the middle of the box was wide.

    Ten minutes later, Madrid actually managed to take the lead. After receiving feedback breakthrough Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo inside corner successfully netted the ball hard.

    Advantages Madrid barely increased after Emmanuel Adebayor gets a chance soon after. But kick the ball can still be pushed over by Idriss Kameni.

    A dangerous cross from falling in the penalty box Madrid, Adan cut and dropped Luis Garcia. There was no penalty.

    Kameni appearance so far is pretty good. He returned the next kick thwart launched by Marcelo.

    Adebayor throw a gold spend at minute 40. In situations Kameni had to leave the nest, Adebayor kick off from a distance close enough and hit the crossbar.

    Ronaldo received the first chance for his team in the second round. He did hard kick from outside the box but Kameni was still spry tame the ball.

    Espanyol launched a wave of attacks. However, Adan appear slick and successful mementahkannya.

    Entering the 80th minute, Kameni returned to rescue a hit. Starting from the bait Adebayor, Ronaldo received the ball is in a position not terkawal and releasing a successful kick at close range ditepisnya.

    Not long later, Ronaldo turns to send feedback to Adebayor. But again the opportunity to confront Kameni toughness Madrid.

    Towards the fight was over, Verdu chip kick off that leads to the corner of the goal of Madrid. But nevertheless goal to fruition because Adan brushed it off.

    Team Line-up:
    Espanyol: Kameni Idriss, Ernesto Galan, Jordi Amat, Javi Lopez, Francisco Chica Torres, Javier Marquez, Raul Baena, Jose Callejon, Luis Garcia (Jesus Datolo 58 '), Sergio Garcia (Alvaro Vazques 67'), Verdu

    Real Madrid: Iker Casillas, Ricardo Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo, Alvaro Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria (Antonio Adan 4 '), Emmanuel Adebayor (Sergio Ramos 88'), Mesut Oezil (Lassana Diarra 78 ')


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