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  • Napoli 0-0 Villareal: Aronica red-card

    Napoli failed to maximize the first leg last 32 of the Europa League. Shown as the host, I Vesuviani detained his guest Villarreal 0-0.

    Napoli face Villarreal in San Paolo, on Thursday (17/02/2011) . Host more attacks, despite that the visitors also presents a significant threat.

    Villarreal obtained ripe opportunity in the 13th minute. Bait breakthrough successfully pursued Nilmar Giuseppe Rossi who won contest run by players of Naples. But the kick can still be resisted even Nilmar goalkeeper Morgan de Sanctis.

    With almost a similar pattern of Naples recorded a chance. But Edinson Cavani less rapidly than Villarreal goalkeeper Diego Lopez so that bait can be blocked by Lopez breakthrough.

    Cooperation Lavezzi and Cavani again presents a threat to Villarreal. But before Cavani opened fire, Lopez had acted to prevent the attacker Napoli action.

    I Vesuviani launched an offensive in the second round. But Cristian Maggio header 52 minutes and distance Hassan Yebda kick five minutes later still not lead to the target.

    The visitors have a chance of passing Borja Valero on 71 minutes. Without escort means, Borja opened fire which was still deviated from the target.

    Cavani had time to break down Villarreal's goal two minutes later. But the goal was disallowed due Uruguay striker is in the off-side position.

    Not long ago a chance created by Lavezi. Receiving feedback from Christian Maggio, Lavezzi controls the ball with his chest for a moment and opened fire. His efforts can still be defeated Diego Lopez.

    Two minutes into the dispersal, turn De Sanctis who do rescue important. Napoli goalkeeper was dismissed kick Marco Ruben.

    The hosts had to play ten men after Salvatore Aronica received a second yellow card at the end of the match after breaking Nilmar.

    The second leg was held at the headquarters of Villarreal on 24 February.

    Team Line-up:

    Napoli: De Sanctis; Dossena, Cribari, Campagnaro, Aronica, Maggio, Yebda (Paziensa 67 '), Gargano (Ernesto Sosa 78'), Mascara (Hamsik 60 '), Cavani, Lavezzi

    Villarreal: Diego Lopez; Capdevila, Perez, Gonzalo, Mussachio, Senna (Marchena 60 '), Cazorla (Jose catalĂ  87'), Valero, Bruno, Nilmar, Rossi (Ruben 77 ')


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