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  • Sporting Gijon 1-1 Barcelona: Barral great-strike, Villa great-lob

    Barcelona held 1-1 at Sporting Gijon visit to the headquarters. Barca even be left behind and survived the first defeat thanks to goals from David Villa on 80 minutes.

    In El Molinon, Saturday (02/12/2011) Barca left behind after David Barral beat Victor Valdes at minute 16.

    Continued to press and make a number of opportunities in the opponent's defense, Barca then can reply in the 80th minute goal by David Villa.

    The result left Barca just add one point in the Jornada 23. Barca still topped the Primera Liga standings with 62 points. Real Madrid, which has not been played, stalking in second position with 54 points.

    The game

    Barca were surprised when the game entered the 16th minute. From a counter-attack, Diego Castro releases bait to David Barral who then struck it into the goal Barca.

    At minute 33 Barca tried to retaliate. Andres Iniesta forced goalkeeper Ivan Cuellar perform a rescue.

    Entering the second half, Barca make the turn in an attempt to equalize. Ibrahim Afellay withdrawn to be replaced Pedro.

    At minute 52, showing off his trademark Barca in doing operand. Lionel Messi then finish the attack with half-volley kick although the direction is still widening.

    Two minutes later Dani Alves to penetrate and then send the ball toward Xavi. The ball kicked, with Cuellar conduct rescue and caught the loose ball on the first attempt.

    Barca continued to press and on 56 minutes turn Messi who opened fire towards the near post, with Cuellar again appears to be the savior Gijon.

    Barca finally successfully evened the score with time shows the 80th minute. Messi sent a ball to David Villa who continued with a hard kick.

    There was no celebration from the Villa on goal. This he did because Sporting Gijon is the first and never defended the club from 1999 to 2003.

    Three minutes before the end of normal time, Messi pushed into the gap in the defense Gijon. He then sent the ball into the penalty box, although Pedro failed to take advantage.

    Team Line-up:

    Sporting Gijon: Cuellar; Sastre, Botia, Ivan Hernandez, Canella; De las Cuevas (Canella '60), Nacho Cases, Andre Casto, Diego Castro (Bilic '88), Nacho Novo (Carmelo '66), Barral.

    Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Milito (Keita '66), Maxwell; Mascherano, Iniesta (Bojan '81), Xavi; Afellay (Pedro '46), Messi, Villa.


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