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  • Barcelona 1-0 Real Zaragoza: Keita scored

    Barcelona continues to strengthen its position at the top of La Liga Primera. Thanks to a 1-0 win over Real Zaragoza, Barca are now back ahead ten points from his closest pursuers, Real Madrid.

    Appear much more dominant than Zaragoza at Camp Nou on Saturday (05/03/2011) , Barca who has logged about 80% control of the ball can only make one goal.

    Host a single goal victory was born in the last minute first half action, through Seydou Keita. No longer a goal that is created thereafter.

    Thanks to the victory, Barca now comfortably lead the standings with 74 points from 27 games results. In Madrid there are two positions that have 64 points with one remaining party.

    Meanwhile, Valencia is located in the top three also managed to distance themselves from the pursuit of Villarreal. Create a 2-1 victory over Mallorca El Che is now four ahead of 'Yellow Submarine' despite diving one more party.

    The game

    Zaragoza recorded a first opportunity on eight minutes. Nicolas Bertolo trying to continued feedback through Gerard Pique breakthrough, but the Guard was very strict Barca defender and the ball out only to produce a corner kick.

    Ten minutes later behind Barca threatened. Bait Dani Dani Alves, Xavi tried to continue despite the Dachshund Jiri Jarosik to make the ball left the field.

    Barca pressed again at minute 19, this time through Pedro. Kick from the edge of the penalty area forced goalkeeper Toni Doblas forced to secure the goal.

    Barca thrilling Zaragoza goalkeeper on 29 minutes through the header Seydou Keita received Alves cross. But the goal was not valid because the referee judge Keita was offside.

    Newborn goal two minutes before halftime. Lionel Messi in action to face a number of opposing players before sending the bait drop. Maurizio Lanzaro try to cut the ball but is more straightforward Keita sent the ball into the goal Zaragoza.

    Five minutes into the second half of the game, Zaragoza almost evened the score. Nicolas Bertolo won the duel contra thin Pique and sent the ball wide of the far post.

    Messi free-kick at the end of the game only on the thin side Real Zaragoza goalkeeper

    Team Line-up:

    Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Milito, Maxwell (Abidal '75), Mascherano, Xavi, Keita, Pedro, Messi, Bojan (Villa '65).

    Real Zaragoza: Doblas; Diogo, Jarosik, Lanzaro, Da Silva, Obradovic; Pinter (Edmílson '56), N'Daw, Ander (Lopez '71), Bertolo (Uche '52), Sinama-Pongolle.


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