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  • Switzerland 1-0 Czech Republic: Mehmedi superb-strike

    Switzerland will challenge Spain in the final UEFA European Under-21. Tickets to the party gained the top after they beat the Czech Republic with the score 1-0 in overtime.

    The game played at Herning Stadium on Wednesday (06/22/2011) match between Switzerland Czech Republic runs counter draw. Even up to 2 x 45 minutes game time both teams not able to break the opponent's goal.

    Same as first semi-final that was held several hours earlier, the game should be continued with the extra period.

    114 minutes when the game entered the Swiss finally Czech Republic goalkeeper. Is Admir Mehmedi who managed to bring his country a 1-0 lead.

    No additional goals or replies are created in the rest of the game. Switzerland stepped to the final UEFA European Under-21 to face Spain, who had a 3-1 win over Belarus, in a match that will be held on Saturday (25/06/2011).

    Team Line-up:

    Switzerland U21: Sommer, Koch, Klose, Rossini, Berardi, Lustenberger, Shaqiri, Hochstrasser, Frei, Emeghara, Mehmedi Subs: Fickentscher, Daprela, Kasami, Costanzo, Ben Khalifa, Feltscher, Abrashi, Gavranovic, Pavlovic, Siegrist
    Czech Rep U21: Vaclik, Vacha, Mazuch, Suchy, Celustka, Gecov, Dockal, Moravek, Marecek, Cerny, Kozak Subs: Stech, Lecjaks, Reznik, Horava, Pekhart, Kovarik, Kadlec, Chramosta, Rabusic, Hosek, Hlousek, Hanus


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