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  • Argentina 1-1 Uruguay: Tevez penalty-miss, Perez, Mascherano red-card

    Argentina had to bury his dream to win the Copa America 2011 in his own country. Failure of Carlos Tevez in the penalty to make Argentina defeated Uruguay 4-5 in the round of penalty kicks in the quarter-finals on Saturday (16/07/2011). On penalties after both teams played a 1-1 draw in normal time.
    Thanks to this victory, Uruguay will face Peru in the semifinals. Peru himself escaped after bending the Colombian with a score of 2-0 in previous matches.

    Thanks to this victory, Uruguay will face Peru in the semifinals. Peru himself escaped after bending the Colombian with a score of 2-0 in previous matches.
    Directly threatened by Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain after just one minute walk. Kick Real Madrid striker is leading toward the goal. But the ball could still be blocked by a defender Uruguay so easily caught by goalkeeper Fernando Muslera.

    Precisely Uruguay who can score the first goal at minute 5. Starting from a free kick Diego Forlan, Martin Caceres threatened with a header. The ball was saved by goalkeeper Argeintina, Sergio Romero. But throw the ball successfully utilized by Diego Perez directly menyosor ball into the goal with his right foot.

    Behind 1-0, Argentina tried to control the game. Forces "Albiceleste" working hard to disassemble the Uruguay defense performed quite disciplined. Diego Lugano et al appear to block an attack without kompormi in Argentina.

    Argentina efforts were fruitless in the 18th minute. Bait brilliant header from Lionel Messi welcomed measured from Higuain. The ball rolled smoothly into the goal without being able to be driven by Muslera, 1-1.

    Actual Higuain scored the second goal in the 30th minute. Unfortunately, while receiving feedback Messi, Higuain standing in an offside position. In the 36th minute, turn the Uruguay goal disallowed for offside the referee as well.

    Disastrous for Uruguay in the 39th minute. They should beramin with 10 men after receiving a second yellow card for abuse during Argentina's Fernando Gago is conducting counter-attack. Gained his first yellow card in the 2nd minute when Javier Mascherano breaking.

    Superior number of players can not be put to good use by Argentina. Until the 72nd minute, Javier Zanetti et al did create some chances. But none of that led to the winning goal.

    Seeing his team did not improve, Argentina coach, Sergio Batista made some changes. Angel Di Maria who played less effectively replaced Javier Pastore in the 73rd minute.

    Argentina game that did not improve try to be exploited by Uruguay to steal the opportunity. One opportunity they can when Forlan broke through the Argentine defense. Luckily goalkeeper Sergio Romero can still stem the kick Forlan.

    Ironic for Argentina. While those efforts continue to fail, they have to play with 10 players after the captain, Mascherano red card for breaking Luis Suarez.

    Misfortune continues to haunt Argentina. Golden opportunities created substitute Carlos Tevez free kick in the 90th minute was saved by Muslera. 1-1 last until the end and the match should continue until an additional round.

    Argentina appears more pressing in the first extra round. Argentina several times threatened goalkeeper Muslera. One of these opportunities from Higuain who unfortunately hit the goalpost Uruguay. But still no goal that is created in this round.

    In addition to the second round, Argentina remained sheltered goddess Fortuna. Some of the opportunities they get is always raw. Either it did not meet the target, or saved by Muslera. The match eventually have to be determined on penalties.

    In the penalty shootout, only to become the executioners Argentina Tevez who failed to complete the task. While all the executioners Uruguay did not make mistakes in executing the penalty.

    Penalty kicker:

    Argentina: Messi (goals), Burdisso (goals), Tevez (failed), Pastore (goals), Higuain (goals) Uruguay: Forlan (goals), Suarez (goals), Scotti (goals), Gargano (goals), Caceres ( goals)

    Teams Line-up:

    Argentina: Sergio Romero, Javier Zanetti, Gabriel Milito, Nicolas Burdisso, Pablo Zabaleta, Javier Mascherano, Fernando Gago (Lucas Rodrigo Biglia 97), Sergio Aguero (Carlos Tevez 84), Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria (Javier Pastore 73), Gonzalo Higuain

    Uruguay: Fernando Muslera, Diego Lugano, Victor Maximiliano Pereira, Mauricio Victorino (Andrea Scotti 19), Martín Caceres, Diego Perez, Alvaro Pereira (Walter Gargano 110), Alvaro Gonzalez, Egidio Arevalo (Sebastian Eguron 110), Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez


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