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  • Brazil 0-0 Paraguay: Penalty shoot-out

    Surprises happen again in the Copa America. After a goalless in normal time and extra period, Paraguay beat Brazil on penalties with the score 2-0.

    Brazil actually appear very dominant in a match that was held at Estadio Ciudad de La Plata, on Sunday (07/17/2011). Since the first half they continued to press and had plenty of chances to break the opponent's goal.

    But all these efforts successfully broken defense Paraguay goalkeeper Justo Villar and that look good under the rule. When the game had settled on penalties, Samba instead be eliminated after losing by a score of 2-0.

    No less surprising is the failure of the first executor of Brazil kicked four penalties, ie, Elano, Thiago Silva, Andre Santos and Fred. While in camp Paraguay after the failure of Edgar Barreto, two other executor and Cristian Riveros Marcelo Estigarribia successful goalkeeper Julio Cesar.

    Brazil went on a surprise defeat of Copa America quarter-finals. Yesterday candidates other champions, Argentina also fell in the hands of Uruguay through race-high five tosan.

    The game

    Brazil first have the opportunity to make goals in six minutes through Neymar. Mental kick got the ball which hit the defender Alexandre Pato opponent, kick outside the penalty box Neymar of thin float over the crossbar.

    Furthermore, quick passing game continued to press Brazil Paraguay defense. Duo Pato and Neymar several times to spread threats in the heart of the defense, but the tenacity wicket rearguard Paraguay make them safe.

    Score was almost turned into a 1-0 in 32 minutes when Lucio managed to grab the bait free kick in the face of goal. Pilfer the ball dropping in front of goal, the skin round it leads right into the goalkeeper Justo Villar. There was no goal and score the last 0-0.

    At the beginning of the second half, exactly 48 minutes Neymar again waste the opportunity. Starting from an attack that is built up with neat, the steriker escaped from the Guard when stabbed in the right side. Had Paraguah deceive defender, sought after Real Madrid players kicking it from inside the box blocked by body of defenders in front of goal.

    Paraguay then constantly pressured and forced to play on the field itself. Yet Brazil still not able to score the opening goal of excellence. The only chance of Paraguay is a free-kick in the face of the penalty box, which is then wasted as the ball hit the wall of life.

    A brilliant rescue keeper Villar done in 72 minutes. Facing one on one with the release Pato volley in front of goal after a free kick to feed, the skin round kick The Ducks can still be blocked Villar use his legs.

    Cooperation between Pato and Robinho almost Paraguay goalkeeper on 81 minutes. Managed to catch bait breakthrough Robinho in the penalty box, kick Pato still hit the goalkeeper's body Villar advanced narrow range. Mental sphere of the event is still trying Pato directed into the goal with his head, but the direction of Pato's header hit the side just outside the goal.

    Not long ago headed a free kick Fred's continued feedback is likely to tear the nets Paraguay. But right at the goal line defender Paraguay successfully block out using the head.

    0-0 score forcing the game continues into extra time. But just like a normal period of 2 x 45 minutes, both teams failed to put the ball into the goal. Matches must be completed through on penalties.

    Poor for Brazil, the fourth executor of the first penalty they passed none of which can break down the Paraguay goalkeeper. Elano kick drifted away, the execution is blocked while Thiago Silva Andre Santos and Fred's efforts also led to failure.

    While in camp Paraguay, Edgar Barreto had time to make his team upset for failing his duty as executor of the first. But Marcelo Estigarribia and Cristian Riveros being able to complete the task perfectly by deceiving Cesar and give Paraguay a 2-0 victory.


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