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  • Brazil 4-2 Ecuador: Neymar, Pato great-double

    Brazil finally get a ticket to the round of the Copa America perempatfnal. In the final Group B match, Selecao beat Ecuador with the score 4-2.

    The match at the Stadio Mario Alberto Kempes, Wednesday (13/07/2011) , walking attractive since the early minutes. Both teams alternated offensive and try to score as soon as possible.

    The first half ended with the score at 1-1. Brazil winning first through Pato, but evened the score by Ecuador's Felipe Caicedo.

    In the second half, four goals is created. Three for Brazil, namely from Pato and Neymar (two goals). Ecuador was returned through Caicedo.

    This victory led Brazil into the quarterfinals with a status of winners of Group B. Mano Menezes troops collected five points from three matches. Their points together with Venezuela, but the superior goal difference. Ecuador eliminated because it only occupies the position of caretaker group.

    In the quarterfinal, Brazil will serve one of the best third-ranked, namely Paraguay. Game was held July 17 to come in La Plata.

    The game

    Brazil Neymar spread threats through the action early in the first half. However, Santos players were shot in the second minute and 17 still have not met the target.

    Ecuador had a good chance in the 22nd minute. Executed free kick Fernando Cristian Noboa still soar over the bar.

    Samba team finally broke the deadlock six minutes later. Andre Santos's cross from the left side with a perfectly capable gored by Pato to rip goalkeeper Marcelo Elizaga.

    Brazilian Robinho almost doubled the lead in the 36th minute. Maicon mature welcomes feedback, the kick was wide.

    One minute later, Ecuador evened the score. Starting from Elizaga goal kick, the ball then fell to the feet Cristian Benitez. Benitez feed to Felipe Caicedo.

    Caicedo then release the left-foot shot along the ground from outside the penalty box. Although the leads right into the Julio Cesar, Inter Milan's goalkeeper failed to tame it because the ball rolling on the sidelines of the armpit.

    At the end of the first round, the players of Ecuador terror almost made the goalkeeper Cesar breaking again. Michael Antonio Arroyo Mina shots make Cesar had to fly to save his goal.

    The second round has been running for three minutes, returned to lead Brazil. Getting feedback from Paulo Henrique Ganso breakthrough, Neymar penetrating into the penalty box trick Elizaga flick through his right leg.

    Brazil's advantages do not last long. In the 58th minute, goalkeeper Cesar Caicedo re-ripping. Receiving feedback in front of the penalty box, he outwit Thiago Silva before unleashing lethal right-foot shot.

    The position changed again in the 61st minute. Neymar hard kick from outside the box can be dammed Elizaga, but throw the ball directly struck by Pato and bring Brazil a 3-2 lead.

    Neymar second goal on 71 minutes completed Brazilian victory. Starting from a cross from Maicon, flick target of Real Madrid players were lodged in the Ecuador goal.

    Robinho had scored in injury time. However, the referee menganulirnya for AC Milan striker was caught offside.

    Time Line-up:
    Brazil: Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Thiago Silva, Andre Santos, Ramires, Lucas, Ganso (Elias 76 '), Robinho, Neymar (Lucas 79'), Pato (Fred 85 ')

    Ecuador: Elizaga, Reasco (Achilier 82 '), Araujo, Erazo, Ayovi, Noboa (Montano 90'), Arroyo, Minda, Mendez (Mina 76 '), Benitez, Caicedo


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