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  • Guangdong 3-4 Liverpool: Poulsen, N'Gog, Coady, Carroll scored

    Charlie Adam play his debut for Liverpool in the face of Guangdong Sunray Cave. At the party's own friendly thin Liverpool won 4-3.

    Adam, who was recruited Liverpool at a price of 9 million pounds this summer, get the welcome roar of the fans 'The Red' in China.

    Blackpool midfielder who previously defended the fall play as a substitute in the second half of the match on Wednesday (07/13/2011) , which also became part of the Liverpool's Asian tour.

    Liverpool itself began to lead on 20 minutes goal by Christian Poulsen, following a corner kick.

    Two minutes later Liverpool doubled their advantage. Jonjo Shelvey give the ball to David N'Gog who then managed to send the skin round into the opposing goal.

    Guangdong success thins out in minute 45. From the counter-attack on the left side, Lu Lin sent a cross into the penalty box for being struck by Ricardo Steer.

    Liverpool back to widen the distance in 72 minutes. Conor Coady young players breaking into the front of a slick counter-attack with a complete bait and Andy Carroll.

    Ten minutes later, Liverpool lead 4-1. Adam won the ball in midfield and then passed to Carroll. After working with Maxi, Carroll scored Liverpool's fourth.

    But the fight has not ended. A minute into the 90th minute, Lu Lin managed to make Guangdong thins out to be 2-4 over Liverpool.

    In the minutes of injury time, Lu Lin sent the ball toward the penalty box where Yin Hongbo was waiting. After outwit Daniel Agger, Hongbo scored the last goal in the match.


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