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  • Peru 1-0 Mexico: Guerrero scored

    Peru gave Mexico their second defeat in the Copa America 2011. Peru a 1-0 victory thanks to goals from José Paolo Guerrero's single that was born eight minutes from time.

    At Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Friday (07/08/2011), Peru takes time to 82 minutes to break down the Mexico nets. Guerrero went on to become heroes of Peru through his goal.

    With the victory, Peru has won four points results from two matches in Group C. Points sertara also been packaged Chile.

    Mexico while loyal to the group after the previous caretaker also suffered defeat. Uruguay meanwhile have dropped to third position, which stood at number two.

    The game

    Only three minutes of action began, Carlos Lobaton tried to threaten the goal of Mexico. But not right away-range shot into the target.

    Peru recorded another chance three minutes later. Juan Manuel Vargas in collaboration with Luis Castrillon Advincula in open space for José Paolo Guerrero. He kicked but goalkeeper Luis Michel was swiftly dismissed.

    Present crisis in Peru face of goal on 29 minutes. Paul Aguilar's cross failed to anticipate well by goalkeeper Raul Fernandez. Javier Aquino tried to take advantage but his shot could still be met by defender Santiago Acasiete.

    In the second half, Peru threatened again by Guerrero at minute 50. Utilizing a cross from the left, he continued with a header in spite of the direction the ball was wide.

    Nine minutes later, the business turns Vargas Mexican goalkeeper failed. This time the ball on the crossbar.

    Vargas still had not luck on 73 minutes. From the free kick, kicks the ball again on the crossbar of Mexico.

    Peru on 83 minutes finally managed to excel. Guerrero Mexican goalkeeper following a corner kick, with the Mexican players protested the offside.


    Peru: Libman, Vilchez, Acasiete, Carmona, Rodriguez, Risco, Cruzado (Guevara '76), Lobaton (Ballon '85), Balbin, Guerrero, Castrillon (Yotun '45).

    Mexico: Michel, Aguilar (Edgar Pacheco '45), Alanis, Rosales, Razo, Lopez, Chavez (Ponce '73), Carmona (Morones '85), Garcia, Dos Santos, Lugo.


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