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  • Venezuela 2-1 Chile: Vizcarrondo header, Suazo great-strike

    Venezuela advanced to the semi-finals of the Copa America 2011 after defeating Chile 2-1 in the quarterfinals. He had awaited Vinotinto Paraguay in the last four.

    In the match at the Estadio del Bicentenario on Sunday (7/17/2011), Venezuela was superior in the 34th minute. Juan Arango free kick with his head Vizcarrondo successfully forwarded to tear the goal of Chile.

    Chile had a good chance in the 45th minute. Welcoming Luis Jimenez free kick, header from Pablo Contreras can still be countered Renny Vicente Vega.

    Until the first half ended, the position has not changed. Venezuela is still winning 1-0.

    In the second half, Chile and Venezuela continued to press the defense chasing an equalizing goal. Humberto Suazo shot from inside the penalty box on 54 minutes to still hit the crossbar. Three minutes later, kicking Jorge Valdivia was also thwarted the goalposts.

    Opportunity acquired Gary Medel in the 68th minute a goal yet. Header from a free kick forward leads right into the arms of Valdivia Vega.

    Two minutes later, Venezuela wicket burst as well. Vega this time was unable to stem the Suazo shot from inside the penalty box.

    Venezuela re-took the lead in the 81st minute. Arango's free kick can still be driven Claudio Bravo, but throw the ball directly struck by Gabriel Cíchero.

    In injury time, Venezuela lost one player. Tomás Rincón sent off for receiving a second yellow card.

    Paraguay who overthrew Brazil in the quarterfinals was waiting Venezuela. This is a test Group B match, in which both teams played a 3-3 draw.

    Team Line-up:

    Chile: Claudio Andrés Bravo, Pablo Contreras, Waldo Ponce, Gonzalo Jara (Esteban Paredes 60 '), Carlos Carmona (Jorge Valdivia 45'), Luis Antonio Jiménez (Carlos Munoz 83 '), Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel, Mauricio Isla, Alexis Sánchez, Humberto Suazo

    Venezuela: Renny Vicente Vega, Oswaldo Vizcarrondo, Grenddy Perozo, Roberto Rosales, Gabriel Cíchero, Juan Fernando Arango, Franklin Lucena, César González (Alejandro Moreno 89 '), Tomás Rincón, Giancarlos Maldonado (Luis Seijas 63'), Miku (Salomon Rondon 59 ')


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