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  • Barcelona 1-4 Chivas Guadalajara: Villa great-finish, Fabian superb-strike

    Barcelona again suffered defeat in the party to trial in the United States soil. Barca's 1-4 defeat of Chivas Guadalajara.

    The game against Chivas became the party second trial in the United States Barca - Barca have been diving a total of five pre-season games. In the first game, Barca lost 1-2 to Manchester United.

    At Sun Life Stadium on Wednesday (08/03/2011), Barca have to taste defeat both in the U.S. while facing Chivas Guadalajara who has previously faced three times - 2006, 2008 and 2009.

    Barca actually excel quickly in the match after David Villa goal to break down an opponent when the game has been running for four minutes. Villa again not lucky, from same situation his chip is hit the woodwork.

    Guadalajara Chivas equalized only be much later, namely in the second half of the match. Not only that, the Mexican club in a short time it even turned excel.

    When the game running even one hour, Marco Fabian made into 1-1 position, with superb-strike. Two minutes later, Fabian scored the second goal to make Barca turned out, with over-head kick.

    Barca getting behind on 72 minutes after Giovanny Casillas scored the Chivas Guadalajara third goal. Victory was then shut down the team goal by Ulises Davila in the closing minutes of the game.

    Teams Line-up:

    Barcelona: Pinto; Eric Abidal (Marc Muniesa Adriano '62 '74) Andreu Fontás (Sergi Gómez Armando '33 '62), Gerard Pique (Sergio Busquets '46), Jonathan dos Santos, Xavi (Iniesta Andrés '45), Thiago ( Martí Riverola '62), Carlos Carmona (Espinosa '62), Seydou Keita (Iván Balliu '81), Isaac Cuenca (Gerard Deulofeu '62), David Villa (Pedro '45).

    CD Guadalajara: Luis Ernesto Michel; Miguel Ponce (Julio Nava '86), Edgar Mejía (Jonny Magallón '58), Omar Esparza (Antonio Salazar Castillo '91), Hector Reynoso (Arturo Ledesma '70), Mario de Luna (Ulises Davila '83), Patricio Araujo (Jose Tostado '83), Xavier Iván Báez (Carlos Fiero '55), Omar Arellano (Jesus Sanchez '70), Alberto Medina (Giovanny Casillas '70), Marco Fabian (Jorge Mora '73).


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