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  • Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid: Messi superb-double, Marcelo red-card

    Barcelona won the Spanish Super Cup after beating Real Madrid 3-2 in the second leg. El Barca's 5-4 aggregate win over El Real.

    Present a fierce match at Camp Nou on Wednesday (18/08/2011). Andres Iniesta makes Barca winning first, then equalized by Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Lionel Messi then closed the first half of the match with a 2-1 lead to Barca over the tally a few moments before the halftime break.

    Eight minutes before the game ended, Madrid evened the score by Karim Benzema. But Messi finally sealed Barca victory with goals in the 88th minute.

    Newer Barca players, Cesc Fabregas, appears to be a substitute in this match. Action in the final minutes to make Marcelo prop with hardware, fruit red card for Real Madrid's players.

    The incident sparked tensions between the sides Barcelona and Madrid, which involves the players to the staff of both teams.

    Regardless, in the end Barca was the one who won the Spanish Super Cup 5-4 on aggregate, after playing the series 2-2 in first leg and won 3-2 in the second leg.

    The game

    Madrid first started the attack. Ronaldo went on a corner kick with a kick, but the ball was wide

    Three minutes later, Ronaldo again get a room for a shot. This time the ball far missed the mark.

    Barca hit back at minute 13. Pedro dangerous release bait into the face of goal and Messi tried to continue, even though the ball can still be driven Casillas.

    Barca took the lead in minute 15. Accurate feedback breakthrough release Messi Iniesta try to catch up. After the ball, Iniesta coolly sent the ball past Casillas.

    Score to a draw again in minute 20. Madrid evened the score finished 1-1 after a kick from outside the penalty box Benzema Ronaldo continued.

    A minute later, Casillas tested readiness and must be stretched to ward off the ball which leads to rushing the net.

    In the 24th minute, Ronaldo kicks off which can still be pushed hard Valdes then hit the crossbar for Barca.

    Messi penetration in 36 minutes. He managed to catch the ball ahead of opponents and then kicked her, but the rate of the skin round can still be dammed Casillas.

    Barca the lead again just before halftime. Starting a corner kick, Messi had the ball and then worked one-two with Pique. By telling Messi then directing the ball towards the far post.

    Tension occurs in the 55th minute after Messi had fallen because he felt violated Marcelo. The players Barca and Madrid also had gathered before the referee brandished a yellow card for a number of players from both camps.

    Messi in action on 66 minutes after receiving the ball from Iniesta. Messi finished with a kick, though the ball can still be driven Casillas.

    Two minutes later, Madrid turns pressing. Benzema then try to kick the ball forward directly though the skin round is still on target.

    Excellent opportunities for Ramos after a corner kick in the 70th minute. Not guarded at all, the header is still sent the ball wide of the goal.

    Eight minutes before dispersal, Madrid evened the score. Of Kaka corner, chaos born in the face of goal Barca and Benzema then successfully kicked the ball past Valdes. Score was now 2-2.

    Two minutes ahead of dispersal, Barca scored the third goal. Messi cooperate nicely with Adriano before the goalkeeper Madrid for the second time in the game.

    At the end of the game had been a commotion, start a hard foul Marcelo on to Fabregas, the referee awarding a direct red card, and trigger a scene players and official Real Madrid and Barcelona. Mesut Oezil and David Villa also got red-card there, what a chaos there, Oezil has lost it completely, he is so furious to David Villa, it's must be something he said.
    But today, Messi star is shining brightly again. Final score 3-2, Barcelona win 5-4 at aggregate.

    Teams Line-up:

    Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Abidal; Busquets (Keita '85), Xavi, Iniesta; Pedro (Fabregas '82), Villa (Adriano '73), Messi

    Real Madrid:
    Casillas; Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Coentrao; Di María (Higuain '64), Alonso, Khedira (Marcelo '46), Benzema, Oezil (Kaka '78), Ronaldo


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