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  • Club America 0-2 Barcelona: Villa header, Keita scored

    Barcelona's 2-0 win over Club America in the last game World Football Challenge tournament, at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday (06/08/2011).

    Barcelona's first goal was created by David Villa in the 24th minute. From the middle of the penalty box, he gore Adriano's cross into the middle of the goalkeeper Armando Navarrete.

    Seydou Keita scored the second in the 89th minute. Goals stems from the movement that led to Gerard Deulofeu feedback to Keita in front of the goal mouth. In the escort a player opponent, Keita sent the ball into the goal Leonine Pineda.

    Before the goals Villa, Barcelona trouble developing the game and create chances. Recorded, they just fired a shot, namely through Xavi in ​​the 13th minute, which misses the mark.

    Only then scored Villa, Barcelona seemed more able to control the game. Although not entirely free of threats, they are more often off the threat.

    Until halftime, no fewer than eight shots they release, which unfortunately all in the hands of Armando Navarrete raw or shot out of the field.

    In the 35th minute and 36th, for instance, Adriano and Pedro alternately fired, all of which can be countered Armando Navarrete.

    Match in the second half is more stringent. America took the initiative to attack can reduce the Barcelona and create opportunities. On the other hand, Barcelona was able to avoid a goal and try to retaliate.

    After the shot Vicente Sanchez in the 50th minute was anticipated by Victor Valdes, for example, through the execution of Barcelona's Thiago back in the 55th minute, a shot too high from the goal Navarrete.

    Two minutes later, Vicente Sanchez re-create the threat, which again can be secured Valdes. Barcelona then back through Jonathan Do Santos Navarrete its crude on hand in the 61st minute.

    Action continues threatening each other, but did not produce a goal until the creation of Keita goal and after that there was no chance until the long whistle sounded.

    For 90 minutes, Barcelona had the ball as much as 71 percent and fired seven shots from 15 businesses accurately. As for America a golden opportunity to create four of the nine experiments.

    Team Line-up:
    Barcelona: Victor Valdes (Jordi Masip 71); Gerard Pique (Andreu Prat Fontas 52), Sergio Busquets, Eric Abidal, Adriano (Isaac Cuenca 456); Seydou Keita, Xavi Hernandez (Jonathan Dos Santos 46), Andres Iniesta ( Sergi Gomez Sola 66), David Villa (Carlos Carmona 76), Thiago, Pedro (Gerard Deulofeu 76)

    Club America: Armando Navarrete (Leonine Pineda 75); Jorge Reyes, Aquivaldo Mosquera, Oscar Rojas (Miguel Layun 45), Paul Aguilar; Jesus Molina, Edgar Castillo, Juan Medina (Renato Michell Gonzalez 61); Cristian Benitez, Daniel Montenegro (Jose Joaquin Martinez 70), Vicente Sanchez (Isaac Acuna 58)


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