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  • Otelul Galati 0-2 Manchester United: Rooney double-penalty, Vidic red-card

    Manchester United finally managed to pluck his first victory by beating the team debutant, Otelul Galati. Wayne Rooney to be a hero by scoring two goals wins the "Red Devils" from the white point.

    Stadionul visit to the National Arena, Tuesday (18/10/2011) , Manchester United won the match by a score of 2-0. Both goals MU was printed in the second round.

    At the end of the game, both teams both played with 10 men with the issuance of Nemanja Vidic and Milan Perendija.

    Quoted from the official site of UEFA, in general, the Red Devils dominated the game with more possession 63%: 37% and six-shot towards the goal versus four opponents have.

    With this victory, Manchester United climbed to second place standings of Group C with a value five times the results of three matches. While Benfica still at the top after beating Basel 0-2 with seven points. Basel in the third position with four points and zero Otelul.

    In the next game, Manchester United will still be met with Otelul at Old Trafford on 2 November.

    The game

    United immediately hit the opponent's defense after the kickoff. Although more mendomninasi game but instead Otelul who managed to get the first opportunity.

    In minute 15, Neagu Ionut successfully kicking off horizontally from the boundary penalty box after using Fabio error. Luckily the ball can still be saved by Anders Lindegaard.

    Manchester United almost made a fatal mistake. Intends to secure the ball, kick ball Lindegaard body instead of Nemanja Vidic. Luckily, the ball then fell at the feet of the other United players.

    Otelul re-launch threat. Ioan Filip penetration before kicking off hard though only produce a goal kick for MU.

    Once depressed, MU birth of Rooney's first chance through a free kick due to a violation of Michael Carrick. Rooney still kick flat can be secured goalkeeper Branko Grahova.

    Final settlement of the poor from Michael Carrick. Receiving feedback from the pull Nani, Carrick in the middle of the box off a high kick that bounced over the bar.

    With its speed, the defense poked Nani Otelul to kick. Grahovac failed to catch the ball perfectly and was almost struck by Hernandez.

    The second half is slow. Until the first 15 minutes there is no chance that means both of Manchester and the host team.

    Rooney! Manchester United almost scored. Starting from Nani's cross from the left side of the box, Rooney greeted with a thin kick just wide.

    Penalty! MU was awarded a penalty following a handball Sergiu Costin doing in the penalty box. Rooney broke the deadlock after the shot lodged in the lower right corner of the goal Otelul.

    Ironic, after successfully winning painstakingly MU just have to play with 10 men. Nemanja Vidic issued immediately after receiving a straight red card for violating tough opponent.

    MU defense is under threat after Otelul threatened by Liviu Antal. Otelul winger was off a rebound volley that still thin.

    Violation of Hernandez's free kick tipped for MU. Sadly, Nani's easy shots captured by Grahova.

    Otelul hit back MU defense. Cross Filip received by Bratislav Punosevac that with a kick volley inches wide just to the left of goalkeeper Lindegaard.

    Both teams are now both played with 10 men. Otelul Perendija Milan also lost due to receive a second yellow card after breaking Hernandez.

    A great effort from Nani. From outside the box, the Portuguese winger to kick off and hit the goalpost!

    Penalties again for United after Rooney violated in the penalty box. England striker was again put the ball on the right side and enter Grahovac. This goal ended the match with a score of 2-0 to win for the visitors.

    Team Line-up:

    OTELUL Galati: Branko Grahovac, Cornel Rapa, Liviu Antal, Sergiu Costin, Adrian Salageanu, Milan Perendija, Ioan Filip, Sorin Frunza, Neagu Ionut (Marius Pena 72 '), Gabriel Giurgiu, Bratislav Punosevac

    MANCHESTER UNITED: Anders Lindegaard, Fabio (Phil Jones 75 '), Chris Smalling, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra, Antonio Valencia (Jonny Evans 70'), Anderson, Nani, Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez


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