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  • Otelul Galati 2-3 Basel: Frei double

    Basel victory in his trip to the headquarters Otelul Galati. Playing a game at the National Arena, Tuesday (11/22/2011) , Basel beat host team 3-2.

    Basel completely controlled the first half was up to 3-0 lead. However Otelul rose in the second half by scoring two goals replies Although she can not prevent them from defeat.

    Otelul been left behind when the game has been running for 10 minutes. Fabian Frei opened the scoring when his shot is not dammed goalkeeper Branko Grahovac.

    Just four minutes later, Basel managed to double his lead became 2-0. Frei shows the "fangs" after receiving the pass from Marco Stellar mature.

    Otelul error back line into Basel profit . Milan Parendija attempt to secure the ball but it hit the Steller.

    Steller get the ball before the goalkeeper Grahovac for the third time. Otelul 0, Basel 3.

    The second half got so Otelul moment. Minimize lost time camp host 1-3 in the 75th minute thanks to goals from Gabriel Giurgiu Liviu results of a cross from Antal.

    Otelul close the gap back to 2-3 six minutes later. Starting from Park Joo-ho mistake in throwing the ball, which receive direct Antal scored.

    In injury time, Basel virtually increase the coffers of his goal after the player received a cross penggani Zoua Streller. Unfortunately his shot missed to the edge of the goal.

    Until the fight was over, no additional goals are born. Basel came out as winners with a final score 3-2.

    With this victory Basel remain third in Group C with eight values ​​while keeping the chances for qualifying for the round of 16.

    Vice Switzerland could still qualify for the next round if they can beat Manchester United in the last match, December 7, but at the same time Benfica can not beat  Otelul.

    As for Otelul, this is the fifth defeat in five games thus placing Romania's representative at the bottom of the standings with no points. Addition has been eliminated from the tournament, also can not appear in the Europa League.


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