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  • AC Milan 2-0 Siena: Nocerino great-finish, Ibrahimovic penalty

    AC Milan back to the top of the standings, after a successful bend Siena 2-0 in the League continued the Italian Serie A, Saturday (12/17/2011) .

    An additional three points to make Milan booked a value of 31. They excel as a point of Juventus and Udinese respectively in second and third place. However, Milan could fall back position if Sunday (18.12.2011), Juventus and Udinese won.

    Milan immediately pressing defense Siena, once the game started. Just two minutes, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has got a chance. Getting feedback Kevin-Prince Boateng, Ibrahimovic doing kick left foot. However, the ball can be blocked Siena defender.

    Not discouraged, Milan continued to press. Several opportunities are created, but only cause admiration.

    Siena is not without opportunities. In the 19th minute, Alessandro Gazzi successful to give feedback to Cristiano Del Grosso. Grosso then kick the ball into the goal, but can be saved Milan goalkeeper Marco Amelia.

    A minute later, Kevin-Prince Boateng's turn to get the opportunity. But, the ball can kick saved Siena goalkeeper, Zeljko Brkic.

    Near the end of the second half, Milan's attack intensified. In the 38th minute, Clarence Seedorf has a golden opportunity when he gets bait Ibrahimovic. However, the ball can kick the Brkic controlled, although leading to a corner. Until the first half ended, not one goal created from both camps.

    Entering the second half, Milan did not relax their attacks. They have few opportunities. Strong defense Siena complicate Milan attack. However, in the 55th minute, Antonio Nocerino broke the deadlock and bring Milan winning 1-0.

    His goal is not separated from the role of Robinho. He entered the penalty box chasing bait. However, since closed, he did pull the bait. Nocerino was immediately the first kick. Kick the ball into the left corner leads Siena, failed to arrest Brkic.

    This goal seems to make Siena started to sway. While Milan is more freely able to suppress. In the 63rd minute, forced Brkic offense to Kevin-Prince Boateng in the forbidden box. The referee immediately pointed to the spot. Ibrahimovic is the executioner, with easy to find the net Brkic, brought Milan 2-0.

    Milan are still hungry for goals. They tried to suppress setiak opportunity. However, Siena also take the fight to catch up tight. No additional goals until the game ends and Milan eventually won 2-0.

    Teams Line-up:

    AC Milan: 1-Marco Amelia; 33-Thiago Silva, 5-Philippe Mexes, 2-Taye Taiwo, 25-Daniele Bonera, 4-Mark Van Bommel, 27-Kevin-Prince Boateng (28-Urby Emanuelson 73), 22 - Antonio Nocerino, 10-Clarence Seedorf (18-Alberto Aquilan 55), 11-Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 70-Robinho (7-Pato 66)

    Siena: 1-Zeljko Brkic; 19-Claudio Terzi, 13-Luca Rossettini, 3-Cristiano Del Grosso, 2-Roberto Vitiello, 14-Alessandro Gazzi (17-Paolo Grossi 60), 36-Francesco Bolzoni, 83-Ferreira Reginaldo ( Gaetano D'Agostino 10-56), 6-Mariano de Almeida Angelo, 11-Emanuele Calaio, 23-Franco Brienza (22-Mattia Destro 82)


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