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  • Barcelona 4-0 Bate: Pedro double, Roberto , Montoya score

    Barcelona put an end to the last match of Group H Champions League qualification with a sweet. Shown in the cage, the Camp Nou Stadium on Tuesday  (6/12/2011) , they crushed BATE Borisov 3-0.

    It is certain to qualify for next round, Barcelona appeared with most of its reserve players. However, they kept attacking. In fact, Pep Guardiola's troops are locked BATE Borisov from the beginning.

    In the 2nd minute, Rafinha have got the opportunity. However, the ball can kick was saved by keeper BATE, Aleksandr Gutor.

    Barcelona continued to be insistent attack. In fact, Barca have the ball control to 76 percent. However, Barca game makes it difficult to survive BATE looking for loopholes. The host is only able to create opportunities for the opportunity, but still failed to score.

    Only in the 35th minute, BATE could not withstand the onslaught of Barcelona again. Roberto Sergi well BATE goalkeeper from a narrow angle, bringing Barcelona winning 1-0. Advantage lasted until the first half ended.

    Entering the second half, Barcelona did not loosen his attacks and keep pressing. Setleah some malicious attacks, Barcelona is able to add a goal in the 60th minute. This time, Martin scored goals Montoyo. He is well cut bait Isaac Cuenca with his right foot.

    Three minutes later, Barca scored again. Again, the mengkreasinya Isaac Cuenca. Seeing Pedro free, he gave the ball to him. Pedro kicked the ball with his right foot and penetrate BATE goalkeeper, 3-0.

    In the 88th minute, Aliaksandr Volodko offense to Isaac Cuenca in the forbidden box and BATE directly rewarded a penalty kick. Pedro is the execution, successfully carry out their duties while ensuring Barcelona won 4-0. This victory adds wonderful for Barcelona which previously had been sure to round of 16.

    Team Line-up:
    Barcelona: 13-Jose Manuel Pinto, 32-Marc Bartra, 24-Fontas, 19-Maxwell, 35-Martin Montoya, 28-Jonathan Dos Santos (26, Marc Muniesa 58), 11-Thiago, Roberto 30-Sergi (29 - Marti Riverola 79), 17-Pedro, 34-Rafinha (27-Gerard Deulofeu 70), 39-Isaac Cuenca

    BATE Borisov: 30-Aleksandr Gutor; 22-Marko Simic, 21-Yegor Filipenko, 18-Maksim Bordachev, 5-Aleksandr Yurevich, 17-Aleksandr Pavlov (11-Mikhail Gordejchuk 65), 2-Dzmitry Likhtarovich (23-Edgar Olekhnovich 67 ), 8-Aliaksandr Valadzko, 7-Artem Kontsevoy (99-Mateja Kezman 77), 10-Renan Bressan, 25-Dzmitry Baha


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