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  • Santos 0-4 Barcelona: Messi double, Xavi, Fabregas score

    Barcelona won the Club World Cup 2011 after a 4-0 win over Santos in the final running relatively one-sided.

    Barca showed his class over Santos at the International Stadium Yokohama on Sunday (12/18/2011) , with four goals without reply were noted by the dominant control of the ball.

    FIFA site noted, in Barca's victory was the champion of Europe makes 71% control of the ball, leaving only 21% only for the South American champions Santos.

    Appear to be a star Lionel Messi in Barca win the game with a goal to make opening and closing, ie at minute 17 and 82. Others contributed two goals Barca Xavi (24) and Cesc Fabregas (45).

    The game

    Barca pressed since the early minutes through Messi, but its speed can be stopped bbrp Santos player. A few minutes later Alves tried to send a cross which can still be driven Santos defender.

    Barca players either controlled by the player passes the ball so that Santos at minute 8. The skin round Neymar then leads to a try through the rows behind Barca though it still fails.

    Messi dribbling at minute 13 and fired a shot but goalkeeper Rafael Cabral with swiftly dismissed. Thiago did rebound effort also failed.

    Barca finally lead on 17 minutes. Receiving feedback breakthrough, Messi cleverly lobbed the goalkeeper lunged upward. Santos defender chasing the ball effort also failed.

    Seven minutes later, Barca added advantage. From left Dani Alves to send feedback to the penalty box, with Xavi accept it while avoiding the opponent. Xavi finished with an accurate kick.

    Attacks from Santos in minute 27. Ganso release bait breakthrough that could be pursued Borges who then fired a shot straight at Valdes.

    Fabregas on 29 minutes almost make a goal. Escaped the offside trap, although he shot the ball just hit the pole and away from the goal.

    A few moments before halftime, Barca added a goal. Starting penetration Messi, crisis Santos was born in front of goal. Had managed to save his goal from Thiago's header, Rafael Cabral then powerless to stem the flick Fabregas.

    Barca direct hit at the beginning of the second half. Messi Santos entered the penalty box and drag it to feed Fabregas who went on to kick toward the goal. But the keeper could still brushed it off

    Santos right back at minute 47 of the counter-attack. In front of Neymar could be heading the ball, but the direction is still above the crossbar Valdes.

    Another attack of Barca on 54 minutes. Alves sends the ball into the far side and Messi received. He then tried to kick the ball from close range through both legs Cabral. However, the ball could be arrested the Santos goalkeeper.

    Three minutes later Neymar escaped the offside trap and can control the ball. But his shot could be intercepted Valdes who advanced swiftly to close the space.

    Barca almost added a goal at minute 80. From the right side of goal, Dani Alves fired a shot that just hit the goalpost.

    Messi added a goal on 82 minutes. Alves breakthrough release the ball to Messi, who then keep the ball nicely while to deceive the goalkeeper and then send the skin round into an empty goal.

    Team Line-up:

    Santos: Rafael Cabral; Edu Dracena, Leo, Danilo (Elano '31), Arouca, Durva, Henrique, Borges (Alan Kardec 78 '), Ganso (Ibson 83'), Neymar, Bruno.

    Barcelona: Valdes; Alves, Pique (Mascherano 56 '), Fabregas, Puyol (Fontas 84'), Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Thiago (Pedro 78 '), Sergio Busquets, Abidal


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