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  • Liverpool 2-1 Manchester United: Agger header, Park Ji Sung, Kuyt great-strike

    Liverpool won 2-1 over Manchester United and is entitled to advance to the FA Cup fifth round. The winner 'The Red' made by Dirk Kuyt in the final minutes of the game.

    At Anfield, Saturday (28/01/2012), Liverpool winning first  goal by Daniel Agger after a corner kick on 21 minutes. MU can respond quickly in the 39th minute.

    In the second half, both teams attacking each other with relatively more Liverpool recorded a chance. The result, two minutes before dispersal Dirk Kuyt who came on as substitute goalkeeper MU.

    The result left the 'Red Devils' exit from the FA Cup as well as send Liverpool into the fifth round of the event.

    The game

    The first attack from Liverpool. At minute four, Maxi Rodriguez fired hard that can be ignored De Gea as he stretched.

    Valencia to cross into the penalty box on eight minutes. Park head it and then Giggs meet the ball to kick hard. The ball right into Reina.

    Hard shot from Valencia on 17 minutes Liverpool defender unstoppable and Reina. Circular heavy ball toward goal, but it finally just hit the pole.

    Liverpool the lead in the 20th minute. From a corner kick, the ball is thrown into the face of goal and Agger menanduknya to change the score finished 1-0.

    From the counter-attack on 24 minutes, Gerrard dribbled and then kicked him. But his efforts have not been successful Liverpool doubled their advantage as the ball bounced away from goal.

    MU made the score became 1-1 on 39 minutes. From the right side, Rafael dribbling and release bait into the front of goal. Park welcomed with a direct kick into the bottom corner of the goal.

    MU players claimed a penalty on 50 minutes because it considers the Liverpool defender touched the ball when about to menghalaunya of the penalty box. But the referee did not agree.

    Chelsea's goal in danger of lapse of two minutes. At minute 55, De Gea made a mistake in passing the ball in the penalty box so that the ball can be controlled by Downing. Two minutes later, Smalling slipped when about to throw the ball.

    MU then try to perform a quick attack with Welbeck managed to catch the ball the bait away. He is trying to outwit an advanced Reina left post, but the ball was finally able cleared by Skrtel. A crucial one from Skrtel.

    From a free kick on 66 minutes, Gerrard sends the ball right into Chelsea's goal. But De Gea react well and catch the ball.

    Attack after attack was launched Liverpool, one of them on 82 minutes despite Kuyt's header was wide of the target.

    At minute 88, fed the ball from Reina far ahead. Carroll the ball towards Kuyt in his right. Evra late closing movements Kuyt and he sent the ball into the goal MU.

    Teams Line-up:

    LIVERPOOL: Reina; Kelly, Skrtel, Carragher (Kuyt '63), Agger, Jose Enrique; Maxi (Adam 63'), Henderson, Gerrard (Bellamy 72 '), Downing; Carroll

    MAN UTD: De Gea, Rafael, Smalling, Evans, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes (Hernandez 76 '), Giggs (Berbatov 90'), Park, Welbeck.


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