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  • Manchester City 0-1 Liverpool: Gerrard penalty

    Liverpool managed to bring home great advantage in the first leg League Cup semifinal. Entertained Manchester City, the Reds won 1-0.

    Compete at Etihad Stadium on Wednesday (01/11/2012), City appear without three key players, namely Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure, and David Silva. The absence of three of them make the balance of the game The Citizens quite disturbed.

    This was successfully exploited by the visitors, who in this game installed captain Steven Gerrard as a starter. They appear quite dominant, especially in the first half.

    Liverpool's only goal is created in the first half. Gerrard found the net City through execution penalty.

    Throughout the second half, Liverpool City defense kept pounding. But, none of opportunities that they can be fruitful goal.

    This victory certainly wide open Liverpool's chances to qualify for the finals as the second leg, 26 January, they turn to host the games. Meanwhile, the City needed a victory by a margin of at least two goals to qualify.

    The game

    The visitors first threatened in the fourth minute. Although dipepet Stevan Savic, Andy Carroll had fired shots toward the goal. However, Joe Hart could block the ball with his foot.

    In the tenth minute, Hart returned to save the City goalkeeper. This time, as he fell, he brushed off Gerrard's long-distance shots.

    A few moments later, Hart again looks good under the rule. He stopped the ball volley which was deflected Stewart Downing by Carroll.

    Liverpool got a penalty in the 13th minute after Daniel Agger violated Savic in the penalty box. Gerrard, who ran as an executioner succeeded in conquering Hart.

    Carroll had the opportunity back in the 35th minute. Exploiting cross from the right wing Martin Kelly, his header was sideways.

    City's first new-born opportunities in the 39th minute. Acceleration James Milner on the right side ending with a left foot shot which the direction is still widening.

    Four minutes later, the home side threatened again, this time through Samir Nasri shot from outside the penalty box. But, Pepe Reina could still be dismissed.

    The next effort from Milner has not led to a goal. His shot from inside the penalty box did not meet the target.

    Last chance in the first half Adam Johnson obtained through a free kick. However, the direction is still soaring.

    The first half ended with the score 1-0 for Liverpool.

    Kelly blunder in the 56th minute to make the Liverpool goal in jeopardy. Because of his back pass can be cut by Sergio Aguero, Reina had to get out of the nest and close the space shot Aguero.

    Reina action again three minutes later Liverpool goalkeeper saves. He stopped close range header from Micah Richards.

    Experiments Aguero in the 65th minute was fruitless. Although I can outwit three Liverpool defenders, their resolution is too easily read by Reina.

    In the 82nd minute, Milner had threatened the Liverpool goal with a shot from outside the penalty box. But, the ball still sideways.

    Aguero also not been able to maximize the chances that he can in injury time. Nasri header with the use of bait is still thin on the slide.

    Until the long whistle sounded, the score 1-0 for Liverpool has not changed.

    Team Line-up:

    Manchester City: Hart, Richards, Savic, Lescott, Clichy, Barry, de Jong (Kolarov 72 '), A Johnson (Dzeko 66'), Milner, Balotelli (Nasri 39 '), Aguero

    Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Kelly, Downing (Enrique 60 '), Henderson, Gerrard, Spearing (Adam 23'), Bellamy (Carragher 80 '), Carroll


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