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  • Manchester United 2-0 Stoke: Chicharito, Berbatov penalty

    Manchester United managed to equal Manchester City, thanks to an additional three points after a 2-0 win over Stoke.

    Two goals in the 'Red Devils' at Old Trafford on Tuesday (31/01/2012), both born from the spot after the occurrence of violations of the Stoke players in the forbidden box.

    The first goal scored by Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez in the 38th minute. The second penalty for Manchester United Dimitar Berbatov completed in the 53rd minute.

    With the addition of three points Manchester United now have 54 points, equivalent to the City, which for a while still entitled to sit on top of the standings thanks to the benefits of productivity goals.

    The game

    Walters fired a shot from long distance speculation on five minutes to test the Amos but the ball was wide. Two minutes later, turn to Jones who opened fire with similar results.

    Manchester United continued to press. The difficulty of finding a gap, so long-distance shot option, as did Carrick on 20 minutes although the ball still hit the opponent.

    Long-distance shot back retainer MU is released, this time by one minute after the kick Carrick Scholes. Ball on the opposing player and inches wide of the target.

    At minute 29, a breakthrough bait that could be pursued terkawal Valencia on the right side. He ran to the left of goal and fired a shot that can be pushed over Sorensen.

    A slick attack carried out MU in 33 minutes. The ball bounced around from the foot of Carrick, Park, Berbatov, and then back to Carrick again. From the right side of goal, he sent the ball down the face of goal to eventually leave the field.

    In the 37th minute after Chelsea get a penalty imposed Pennant Park. Hernandez advanced to be the executor and finish the job properly.

    The referee pointed to the spot for the second time in the game after Valencia's body pulled Walters in the forbidden box on 52 minutes. Berbatov ahead and sent the ball into the goal despite Sorensen guessing the right direction.

    Opportunities to Stoke on 62 minutes. Jerome welcomes a cross to the face of goal with a header that leads right into Chelsea's goal. Amos caught the ball, releasing it again at the first opportunity and secured on a second occasion.

    Evra was dropped Stoke players in the forbidden box in the 70th minute. Showing reruns of the offense, although the referee did not penalize me anymore.

    Teams Line-up:

    MAN UTD: Amos, Smalling, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes, Park, Berbatov, Hernandez (Pogba 73 ').

    Stoke: Sorensen, Wilkinson, Huth, Shawcross, Wilson, Pennant, Palacios (Delap 75 '), Whitehead, Walters (Fuller 75'), Jones, Crouch (Jerome 58 ')


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