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  • Cardiff 2-2 Liverpool: Skrtel, Kuyt great-finish

    FINALLY Liverpool emerged as winners in the English League Cup, after beating Cardiff City in the final via the shootout.

    In the final match held at Wembley on Sunday (26/02/2012) night, Liverpool left earlier in the first half goal by Joe Mason.

    In the second half they equalized through Martin Skrtel and last until after the normal time.

    Dirk Kuyt put Liverpool turned the lead in 107 minutes before Ben Turner equalized in 117 minutes. Games must proceed to the round-tosan tos.

    He is phase two and three kicker Liverpool failed to successfully fulfill their duties. While the three kicker Cardiff failed and finally the Reds won the League Cup once thirst 8nya title since 2006-the last time FA Cup champion.

    The game

    Just one minute walk game Liverpool have given threat. Glen Johnson fired shots at a little curled outside the penalty box but the ball still hit the crossbar.

    Cardiff made his first chance in the 19th minute and scored immediately fruitful. Starting the ball is not perfect swept by the Liverpool rearguard, Kenny Miller get it and give direct feedback breakthrough to Mason.

    Mason is free to beat Pepe Reina with ease through a landscape shot through the legs. Liverpool 1-0 Cardiff.

    In minute 42 Luis Suarez had a chance in front of the box. But unfortunately his shot was too weak and the ball can be secured by Cardiff goalkeeper.

    A minute later a free kick from Steven Gerrard, the ball is released the penalty box and Daniel Agger menanduknya. The ball was just caught Tom Heaton.

    Was 1-0 score remained until halftime.

    An hour walk game Liverpool were finally able to equalize. Korner begins Stewart Downing, Andy Carroll leads to the ball and fed to Suarez.

    Suarez the ball but still hit the pole. Skrtel immediately struck by the ball rebounded to score a goal.

    Liverpool are still ahead in the second half of this game by creating a few chances but still failed to penetrate the heavily Cardiff goalkeeper Heaton.

    In 85 minutes Miller came close to making Cardiff's second goal. Having escaped from custody Liverpool players, he is free standing and kicking off that unfortunately the ball was floated.

    Gerrard had a chance in injury time but his shot was flying over the bar. As a result the score remained 1-1 and the match continued into Extra Time 2x15 minutes.

    Kuyt! Liverpool finally back ahead in 107 minutes. Kuyt did a solo run from midfield and ended with a kick toward the goal. But the ball caught the foot of Cardiff defender.

    The ball rebounded back towards Kuyt and mercilessly immediately greeted by a hard shot that pierced through the left corner of Heaton. Liverpool 1-2 Cardiff.

    Liverpool victory in sight finally vanished when Ben Turner scored in 117 minutes equalizing position utilizing the heat in front of Reina's goal.

    Finally, a score of 2-2 last up to two times after the extra time and penalties should be conducted to determine the winner.

    In the shootout on the verge of failure after Liverpool had two early kicker, Steven Gerrard and Charlie Adam, failing to finish the job. Meanwhile Cardiff Don Cowie took a 1-0 lead.

    But then the three executors Stewart Downing Liverpool, Dirk Kuyt and Glen Johnson successfully fulfill their duties.

    While Cardiff just added another success by Peter Wittingham before kick his fifth executor, Anthony Gerrard, Liverpool off and make out a winner.

    The lineup

    Cardiff: Heaton; McNaughton (Blake 106 '), Hudson (A.Gerrard 98'), Turner, Taylor; Cowie, Gunnarsson, Whittingham, Gestede, Mason (Kiss 90 '); Miller.

    Liverpool: Reina; Johnson, Skrtel, Agger (Carragher 87 '), Jose Enrique; Henderson (Bellamy 57'), Gerrard, Adam, Downing; Suarez, Carroll (Kuyt 103 ')


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