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  • FC Basel 1-0 Bayern Munich: Stocker scores

    Bayern Munich failed to get positive results when diving first leg of the round of 16. Come to the headquarters of Basel, the Bavarians gave a score of 0-1 thin.

    Compete at Saint Jakob Park on Wednesday (2/22/2012), Basel winning goal scored by substitute Valentin Stocker in 86 minutes.

    Despite the defeat, Bayern dominated the game. Soccernet noted that German representatives had control of the ball by 61 percent to 21 shots that seven of them leading to the target.

    Meanwhile, the home team only has eight times the chance to shoot a six-shot towards goal and one goal lead.

    This defeat did not shut down a chance to qualify for Bayern. Jupp Heynckes landing squad was able to advance to the next round if they can win at least 2-0 in the second leg held at the Allianz Arena, March 13.

    The game

    Bayern immediately launched a deadly attack in the early minutes of the game. Mario Gomez after receiving a through pass Franck Ribery fired the stray light.

    Ribery's turn to spread the threat. Kick left foot from close range can be caught by the goalkeeper Yann Sommer.

    Rafinha dropped Marco Streller in the forbidden box. However, the referee did not consider it a violation so there is no penalty for Basel.

    After quite depressed, Basel finally counterattacked. Feedback from the right side leads to Xherdan Shaqiri, which has great potential to continue to be a goal but managed to thwart Jerome Boateng.

    Bayern returned to spread the threat. Philipp Lahm through pass off to Ribery who fired a shot from the left side and again it was saved Sommer.

    Mark Steinhoefer cross at the far post to meet Streller. He tried to toss the ball but goalkeeper Manuel Neuer swiftly dismissed. Corner for Basel.

    Aleksandr Dragovic corner the ball, Neuer could catch it in the bottom right corner of the goal.

    Frei! Hoo-Jo Park stabbing in the penalty box and feed to Alexander Frei. The player who kicks off the latter hit the bar.

    Strellar mature getting feedback from the left side and kick off. The result? Neuer again become prohibitive ball into the net.

    Puncture of the right wing Arjen Robben to see David Alaba. Alaba continued with a hard shot but can be deflected Sommer.

    Basel started the attack in the second round. Granite Xhaka slick bait to Fabian Frei. But Holger Badstuber block and throw the ball.

    David Abraham infringement award against Robben's free kick for Bayern. Robben execution posse and meet Gomez who attempted overhead kick. The ball bounced and allows Sommer to catch it.

    Lahm! Collaboration with the Alaba produce a golden opportunity. Bayern captain's kick made it from outside the box has not been able to conquer Sommer.

    Sommer returned to frustrate rescue efforts Gomez. Thomas Mueller is coming on for Ribery to the keeper so that the offense was rewarded with free throws Basel.

    Robben! Mueller to Robben passed the bait with a shot from outside the box. The ball bounced wide left of goal and Basel.

    The decision to enter Valentin Stocker and Jacques Zoua positive impact. Split the Bayern defense Zoua, see Stocker bait breakthrough which then struck the ball to the goalkeeper Neuer. Basel 1-0 lead.

    Four minutes of extra time, Bayern could not create a goal back. Basel came out as the winner of the match.

    Teams Line-up:

    BASEL: 1-Yann Sommer; 27-Mark Steinhoefer, 19-David Abraham, 6-Aleksandar Dragovic, 3-Park Joo Ho; 17-Xherdan Shaqiri (31-Jacques Zoua Daogari 83 '), 8-Benjamin Huggel, 34-Granite Xhaka, 20-Fabian Frei (14-Valentin Stocker 65 '); 9-Marco Streller, 13-Alexander Frei (24-Cabral 90')

    Bayern Munich: 1-Manuel Neuer; 13-Rafinha, 17-Jerome Boateng, 28-Holger Badstuber, 21-Philipp Lahm; 44-Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, 27-David Alaba; 10-Arjen Robben, 39-Toni Kroos (11-Ivica Olic 89 '), 7-Franck Ribery (25-Thomas Mueller 71'); 33-Mario Gomez


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