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  • Internazionale 1-2 Lazio, Supercup Winner

    Lazio hold on to win the Super Coppa defeating Inter by two goals to one, Kolarov strikes it it hits the wall but squeezes it's way through to Matuzalem who was in an offside position on the far post but it came off an Inter player. Julio Cesar saved the initial shot but the rebound hit Matuzalem in the face and it went in, at 62'.

    Three minutes later, Rocchi makes it 2-0, a great goal from The Italian striker was picked out by Mauri from well over 30 yards as he chested it down the hit it first time to lob it over the Inter goalkeeper.

    Samuel Eto'o scores on his debut, at 78' giving Inter hope with just over 10 minutes remaining, More poor Lazio defending as Dabo decided to play the ball out instead of booting it clear. Balotelli nicked the ball away from him and passed it to Eto'o who smashed it in.

    But Lazio hold on to win the Super Coppa , final score, Inter 1-2 Lazio.


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