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  • Alcorcon 4-0 Real Madrid: The worst

    Losses from Sevilla in La Liga Primera or AC Milan, who was formidable in Europe, may still be a little understandable. But to lose from Alcorcón class team, this is the worst performance of Real Madrid.

    After the start of the season with an impressive, Madrid began addressed defeat. The first is given by Sevilla - who at the standings board in the top three in the bottom of Madrid - in early October in La Primera Liga competition.

    Still in the same month, El Real submit again. This time Milan's turn the seven-time European champion who defeat Madrid star players at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League.

    The series of defeats in the month of October is still not finished. Tuesday (27/10/2009), Alcorcón , small club playing in the Segunda Division B Group 2 devastated Raul Gonzalez in thefirst leg of Copa del Rey.


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