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  • Sunderland 1-1 Everton: Fellaini strong strikes

    Everton midfielder, Marrouane Fellaini scored his goal return so that his team a 1-1 draw at Sunderland come to the cage in the Premier League continued, in the Stadium of Light on Saturday (26/12/2009).

    Sunderland ahead in advance of goals scored thanks to Darren Bent in the 17th minute. But the victory is in sight replies disappear by Fellaini scored in the 85th minute.

    Since the referee Martin Atkinson opened the action, Everton took the initiative to attack directly. Everton almost broke into Sunderland's goal in the space of a flash. In the eighth minute, Leo Osman opened fire from a wild ball. Damn, the ball just hit the left goal post Martin Fülöp.

    It turned out that the opportunity to make Tim Cahil et al found a more self confidence. How not, ahead of Everton almost two opportunities created by Louis Saha in the 14th minute and 16th. But unfortunately, these two opportunities are still in vain because he shot the ball is still widening.

    In minute 17, the situation turned around. Sunderland managed to excel thanks to a goal that was created Darren Bent. Goals came from feedback one-two between Bent and Kenwyne Jones. Until finally Bent cross horn Jones failed anticipated by Tim Howard.

    This goal as "pep pill" for Sunderland. They increasingly violent attacks Everton defense. In minute 21, Bent Howard's goal again threatened. Lucky Howard still blew it.

    However, Everton indirect white flag. Do not want to lose the moment, they increase the attack and tried to score a goal. In the 28th minute, Steven Pienaar fired. Damn, his shot failed on the target after the ball hit one of the Sunderland defender.

    In the second half, Everton took the initiative to attack again. Action has been running for a minute, Everton almost scored a reply through the action of Marouane Fellaini. Unfortunately, maximizing baitfrom Leighton Baines is still soaring above rule Fülöp. Everton went back to throw the shot opportunity after Saha was still wide in the 54th minute.

    Sunderland effective enough to attack even more dominating Everton game. Several times, attack the home team back almost to fruition. In minute 60, for example, receive feedback Bent, Zenden Boudwijn fired hard. However, Howard managed to anticipate the ball. Five minutes later, Howard also managed to kick the ball broke Andy Reid.

    Receive threat, Everton return. They continue to look for opportunities to score goals. Unfortunately, the opportunity to be in vain due to poor resolution of Saha et al. In minute 73, for example, Steven Pienaar fired hard after penetration in the middle sector. Unfortunately, his shot was wide. Two minutes later, shots were released Saha is still widening.

    Ten minutes before the fight was over, Everton managed to control the game. At 81 minutes, almost thrilling Marrouane Fellaini goal Fülöp. Damn it successfully thwarted efforts Fülöp.

    New in the 85th minute, Fellaini effort to fruition. He successfully scored an equalizer goal position, after kicking the ball hard wild corner kick results. As a result, the score a 1-1 draw last until the long whistle.


    Sunderland: Fülöp, Da Silva, Mensah (Nosworthy 72),. McCartney, Bardsley, Hendersin, Cana, Reid, Malbranque (Zenden 57), Jones, Bent

    Everton: Howard, Heitinga, Neill, Baines, Hibbert, Cahill, Fellaini, Osman (Yakubu 70), Bilyaletdinov, Pienaar, Saha (Vaughn 87)


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