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  • Barcelona 2-1 Malaga: Pedro thunderball

    Barcelona finally fixed at the top of La Liga standings while keeping the advantage over Real Madrid. Compete on home turf, El Barca successful thin victory over Malaga: 2-1.

    Several hours before the Barca match, Madrid fell first competed against Tenerife. Manuel Pellegrini landing forces were both won 5-1 for a while at the top of La Liga standings.

    However, Barca victory re-create the position taken over. Two goals created Barca Pedro Rodriguez at minute 69 and Lionel Messi in the 84th minute. One goal replies Malaga Valdo was born through in 81 minutes.

    Los Cules even now remain in the top position with a value of 61, while Madrid remained in the order with a value of 59. As for Malaga, their position has not changed, still ranked at 12 with a collection of 27 value.

    Match path

    In theaction in the Nou Camp Stadium, Saturday (27/2/2010), Malaga first get a golden opportunity when a new game running eight minutes. Unfortunately for them, kicking Duda still driven by Victor Valdes.

    It took until the 25th minute until Barca finally get his first opportunity. Starting from a free kick, the ball then continue with Zalatan Ibrahimovic header. Namnun, the ball is still wide in the side netting Malaga.

    Six minutes later Messi turns that get a chance to score. Having rolled a few back, he lived opposite Malaga goalkeeper, Gustavo Munua. But Messi kick bounced just over the crossbar.

    Barca next opportunity is born from Xavi Hernandez in the 37th minute. Unfortunately for Xavi, kicking terarahnya still ditepis by Munua. There was no goal, only a kick around.

    The first round ended with a score of 0-0, although both clubs have the opportunity to score a goal.

    At 53 minutes, Messi returned to threaten the goal Malaga. This time he gives feedback to Ibrahimovic, but again the header from Swedish striker was still not meeting targets. His strong header soared.

    Ibrahimovic back to get a golden opportunity on 61 minutes. But he is still not covered fortune. Welcomes feedback from Xavi corner was driven Malaga defender in front of the goal line.

    Barca awaited goal finally born on 70 minutes by foot Pedro. The young midfielder was first Barca dribbling alone before finally releasing right foot shot into the goal-directed Malaga. Munua could not even reached.

    However, that advantage lasted only 80 minutes. After exchanging pass with Victor Obinna, Valdo had escaped the offside trap. He then let go kick past Valdes victor. Malaga scored a goal and a strong position at 1-1.

    Messi Barca eventually become a hero. Goal in the 84th minute to ensure victory in front of the host tens of thousands of supporters. Argentina midfielder was successfully continued Dani Alves passing trough with one touch. Barca eventually won 2-1.


    Barcelona: Victor Valdes, Gerard Pique, Carles Puyol, Maxwell, Dani Alves, Sergi Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Pedro Rodriguez (Bojan Krkic 86), Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    Malaga: Gustavo Munua, Robson, Milan Stepanov (Eduardo Gomez 17), Manuel Torres (Valdo 45), Manolo, Tor


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