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  • Tenerife 1-5 Real Madrid: Higuain,Kaka,Ronaldo score

    Real Madrid earned big 5-1 victory over Tenerife.

    An additional three points from the visit to Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez, Saturday (27/2/2010)to make acquisitions now numbering 59. Iker Casillas et al winning a point for Barcelona, which will compete in a few moments to face Malaga.

    Madrid goals in the action came from Gonzalo Higuain (29 & 42), Kaka (48), Cristiano Ronaldo (80) and Raul Gonzalez (90). While a single host goal scored by Ayoze in 46 minutes.

    Create Tenerife, defeat it makes them more fell in the abyss of degradation. New collecting 20 points, Tenerife are now sitting in 19th position standings.

    The game

    Although picking a big victory, Madrid had to wait quite a while before it can penetrate the host's goal. Precisely at 29 minutes when the visitors winning kick left leg after receiving feedback Higuain Marcelo change the position to be 1-0.

    The same names are listed at the back White House to change the position to be 2-0. This time it tore Argentina footballer Tenerife goal after getting feedback from Garay.

    At the beginning of the second half, tepaynya minute 46, the host can make a breakthrough moment out of position, although in a way that smells of controversy. Ayoze steal the ball was caught Casillas and direct into the goal.

    But Madrid did not hit with these goals in two minutes later they could immediately respond with a third goal. Starting from a counterattack, Kaka coolly maximizing Higuain released bait to change the position to be 3-1.

    Ten minutes before the referee pointed to disperse the white spot after handball Luna. Ronaldo who advanced as the executor carry out their duties properly.

    5-1 score was not last until the end of the fight. In the injury time to close the party Raul back heel flick after receiving feedback from Rafael van der Vaart.


    TENERIFE: 13 Sergio Aragoneses (G), 5 Manolo Martinez (CD-L), 19 Ezequiel Luna (CD-R), 6 Pablo Sicilia (LB), 2 Marc Bertrán (RB), 8 Ricardinho (LM), 23 Mikel Olano Alonso (RM), 7 Juan Francisco Martínez (ST), 21 Alfaro (RCF), 10 Garcia Perez Ayoze (AM-L), 17 Juan Luis Lorite (AM-R)

    REAL MADRID: 1 Iker Casillas (G), 19 Ezequiel Garay (CD-L), 18 Raúl Albiol (CD-R), 12 Marcelo (LB), 4 Sergio Ramos (RB), 22 Xabi Alonso (CM), 24 Esteban Granero (LM), 10 Lassana Diarra (RM), 8 Kaká (ST), 20 Gonzalo Higuaín (LF), 9 Cristiano Ronaldo (RF)


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