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  • Olympiakos 0-1 Bordeaux: Ciani header

    Girondins Bordeaux managed to pluck an important victory in the first leg ended 1-0 to overcome Olympiakos Piraeus. Single goal in the away games of Bordeaux was printed by Michael Ciani.

    Bordeaux have significant capital to open their chance to qualify eighth round of the Champions League. 1-0 victory achieved by the squad when besutan Laurent Blanc Olympiakos come to the headquarters.

    In the match in Karaiskaki Stadium, Athens, Tuesday (23/2/2010), Olympiakos took the initiative to attack. Enzo Maresca's free-kick was met by Olof Mellberg header but the ball was still sideways Bordeaux goal.

    However, Bordeaux tried to master the game but there are no malicious attacks carried out by representatives of French origin was. Meanwhile, Olympiakos made several dangerous pressure to the goal Bordeaux.

    One of them in minute 33, Olympiakos made a fast attack and release Vassilis Torosidis crossing in front of goal. But unfortunately the opportunity was wasted because no one has completed the bait.

    Near halftime, eventually winning Bordeaux first goal through Ciani. Starting from Yoann Gourcuff movement and release high feedback Ciani greeted by a header to make the squad winning 1-0.

    In the second half of Bordeaux still has not loosened its attacks. Gourcuff opportunities early in the second half can still be broken. Then he sent the ball to Wendel but his shot is still on the block in 51 minutes.

    In the 57th minute, a beautiful crossing released by Raul Bravo and Maresca greeted with header. But the effort failed hosts equalized after heading the ball bounced onto the crossbar Bordeaux.

    While Bordeaux under pressure but two Plasil cooperation opportunity with Wendel not be able to add goals. Towards ten minutes before the game was over Olympiakos increase its attacks.

    Two opportunities Lomana Lua Lua is still failing to produce goals. The first opportunity the players from this Congo is still wide in the side of the goal and the second chance Lua Lua at the tip can still goalkeeper Cedric Carrasso to the goal.

    In the 88th minute, Enzo Maresca header overcame Carrasso with the ball but still deviating from the target. While past Maresca scored from close range annulled by the referee.

    Score Bordeaux 1-0 to win it last until the referee Howard Webb blew the long whistle. Whereas in the second leg of Bordeaux's turn to be host Olympiakos in their cages on March 17 next.


    Olympiakos Piraeus: 71-Antonis Nikopolidis; 35-Vassilis Torosidis, 21-Avraam Papadopoulos, 4-Olof Mellberg, 15-Raul Bravo; 25-Enzo Maresca, 28-Cristian Ledesma (11-Jaouad Zairi 63), 6-Ieroklis Stoltidis; 32-Lomana Lua Lua, 19-Jesus Alberto Dátolo; 22-Kostas Mitroglou (9-Matt Derbyshire 76)

    Girondins Bordeaux: 1-Cedric Carrasso; 21-Matthieu Chalme, 27-Marc Planus, 2-Michael Ciani, 28-Benoit Trémoulinas; 5-Fernando, 25-Ludovic Sane; 18-Jaroslav Plasil (7-Yoan Gouffran 82), 8 -Yoann Gourcuff, 17-Wendel (10-Jussie 83); 29-Marouane Chamakh


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