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  • Stuttgart 1-1 Barcelona: Ibrahimovic scores

    Zlatan Ibrahimović admitted had made many mistakes. But the results of a 1-1 draw with VfB Stuttgart, is not too disappointing for this Barcelona striker.

    Barca had left first when come to the Mercedes-Benz-Arena, Tuesday (23/2/2010). Cacau scored in the 25th minute to make superior Stuttgart ahead of the defending champion.

    However, Ibrahimovich equalized in the second round. Swedish international striker was also admitted that his squad played poorly, especially in the first round.

    "We made many mistakes in the first round. Field is not good and we slide. Playing against a tough team like Stuttgart is always difficult," he said as reported by Sky Sports.

    "But in the second half we played better and not make mistakes. I scored, which is important for the team," said Ibrahimovic who had just recovered.

    Ibra can accept the results of the draw. "Results 1-1 colors is not a bad result. We returned to the house with confidence, this will make a difference," he said.

    Former Inter Milan striker also revealed what was instructed by coach Pep Guardiola. "He wanted us to play with a higher pace," said 28-year-old striker is.

    "But this away goal is very important because it gives us a profit (for the next leg). So he asked us to play more in the future," Ibra close.


    Stuttgart: Lehmann, Celozzi, Tasci, Delpierre, Molinaro; Gebhart (Rudy 84'), Trösch (Kuzmanovic 58'), Khedira, Hleb, and Pogrebnyak Cacau (Marica 63').

    Barcelona: Valdés; Puyol, Márquez (Milito 58'), Piqué, Maxwell; Touré (Henry 53'), Busquets, Xavi; Messi, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta.


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