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  • Barcelona 2-0 Osasuna: Ibrahimovic, Bojan Scores

    Barcelona back at the top Spanish League standings after the team beat Osasuna 2-0 middle board. Barca winning goal packaged Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Bojan Krkic.

    Osasuna host Real Madrid at Camp Nou, Wednesday(25/3/2010). All the goals in this action created in the second half.

    Ibrahimovic opened the scoring for the hosts in the 73rd minute. Substitute Bojan Krkic victory fulfilled a quarter of an hour ago.

    This victory brought Barca up to the top of the standings with 71 collection points, three points ahead of closest rivals Real Madrid. El Real will play on Thursday (26/3/2010) against Getafe.

    Match path

    Barcelona kicked off immediately as soon as action begins. Zlatan Ibrahimovic kicks from the penalty box can be defeated Osasuna goalkeeper Ricardo.

    Three minutes later the visitors to present a threat through Krisztián Vadocz. After the escape from the off-side trap, fired Vadocz still be stopped by Barca goalkeeper Victor Valdes.

    15 minutes walk, turn Barcelona which opens opportunities. Through the corner of the football situation, goalkeeper Ricardo fails to catch the ball well. The ball then struck by Thierry Henry. Business French players were successfully thwarted Ricardo.

    A half-hour game of age, Barcelona again threatened. This time the kick Zlatan Ibrahimovic from a narrow angle on the left side Osasuna goalkeeper was on the guest player Nacho Monreal.

    Five minutes later the Swede stirker again threatened. But still volinya kick through the target and failed to bear fruit only football corner.

    0-0 score stood until halftime.

    The entry of Pedro Rodriguez replaced Thierry Henry in the second half Barca started the attack. Cooperation with Messi Pedrito several times threatened the visitors goal.

    In minute 53, was greeted by Pedro sodoran Messi Argentina players kick but it was still deviated from the target. Ten minutes later, Yaya Toure who header bait Andres Iniesta is also still off the mark.

    Seydou Keita, who had entered almost tore the Osasuna goal. But can his header still denied by Ricardo. Ibrahimovic received a ball throw, but his strike can still be disposed by defender Miguel Flano.

    The Catalans led effort score as the game went 73 minutes. Ibra is such that broke the deadlock after a welcome from Maxwell's cross.

    Nine minutes later, Iniesta and Messi cooperation still fails to produce an additional score Azulgrana.

    Substitute Bojan Krkic Barca victory locked the two minutes before the fight closed. This goal begins by Pedro pass the ball to Iniesta. Next Iniesta feed into the penalty box. Where Bojan shook off the execution for the visitors goal.


    Barcelona: Valdes, Milito, Puyol, Maxwell, Daniel Alves, Busquets [Keita 69 '], Iniesta, Toure, Henry [Pedro 46'], Messi, Ibrahimovic [Bojan 74 ']

    Osasuna: Ricardo; Flano, Josetxo, Monreal, Azpilicueta, Nekounam [Medina 77 '], Vadocz, Shojaei [Galan 84'], Punal, Camuñas, Juanfran [Calleja 77 ']


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