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  • Barcelona 3-0 Valencia: Messi brilliant hat-trick

    Barcelona successfully put pressure on Real Madrid after defeat Valencia, Sunday (14/3/2010) , El Barca won 3-0 successful hat-trick by Lionel Messi.

    In the action at the Nou Camp was, Messi buy up all of his goal in the second half. These three goals are cemented himself at the top of La Liga top scorer with 22 goals from 26 matches this season.

    Alzugrana points today is 65 points and took them to the top, winning three points from the new Real Madrid play against Real Valladolid few moments. Meanwhile, El Che's remains in third position with 47 points.

    The game

    Valencia's first groundbreaking in the 5th minute after being struck header from crossing Miguel Alejandro Dominguez. Unfortunately the ball was floated over the crossbar Victor Valdes.

    New Barca can create his first chance at minute 21 through soccer Xavi corner which was met Gabriel Milito header. Unfortunately Cesar Sanchez was able to secure the ball. Six minutes later Lionel Messi accelerated split ends Valencia defense is still a sideways kick at the goal.

    In 31 minutes flat bait Hedwig Maduro Dominguez headed in the penalty box. But Valdes managed to ward off the ball. And a minute later Messi's turn back through the individual action which ended with a shot that still denied by Cesar.

    Messi who escaped offside trap on 36 minutes to change Cesar frustated after scored yet again with a brilliant stop the ball going into the net.

    And Pedro Rodriguez in the 40th minute to pull the feedback received from Messi and fired a shot that was wide in the right side of Cesar's goal.

    Seven minutes after the break, acceleration Thierry Henry on the left side Valencia defense ended with a flat crossing into the penalty box which was met Messi kicks and still hit the foot of Cesar.

    Barca awaited goal finally arrived in the 56th minute and the printer who else if not Messi. After snaking through the obstacles of three players of Valencia, Europe's best players and the World's kick off to the pole near the rip Cesar.

    Barca was able to score his second goal in the 66th minute Xavi after a hard shot from outside the penalty box ditepis Cesar and then struck the ball rebounds Maxwell. Darling's Brazilian left-back had been caught offside once.

    In the 67th minute Valencia had a golden opportunity by Nikola Zigic who escaped the offside trap. Staying dealing with Valdes, Zigic failed nest round because the skin Valdes deftly holding the ball.

    And a minute after Messi acceleration in the field requires Maduro Dachshund let him go with a. Maduro result rewarded the second yellow card and had to get out of the field.

    Messi forced Julio Cesar returned to pick up the ball for the second time from the net on 81 minutes. Gastric ball from Henry to Messi on the right side and Messi ran into the penalty box which finished with curved left leg kick to the far post.

    Messi! less than two minutes later the little players scoring all three. Breakthrough of the ball and while Henry gets overshadowed by a Valencia player, Messi with his right foot off the ball in the hands of Cesar. Messi 3 Valencia 0


    Barca: Valdes, Dani Alves, Milito, ique, Maxwell, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta (Jeffren 86 '), Bojan (Henry 45'), Pedro, Messi (Toure 88 ').

    Valencia: Cesar, Miguel, Maduro, Dealbert, Bruno Saltor (Baraja 77 '), Albelda (M Fernandes 44'), Banega, Pablo, Silva, Alba, Dominguez (Zigic 65 ').


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