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  • Barcelona 3-1 Xeres: Ibrahimovic, Henry scored

    Barcelona maintained the top position after the victory over Xerez. Competing in front of his own supporters, Barca won 3-1.

    In the match held in the Camp Nou Stadium, Saturday (24/04/2010) , Barca look to stoke its main star, Lionel Messi. But the squad landing Josep Guardiola is relatively no trouble means.

    El Barca were already winning 1-0 when the match went 14 minutes past Jeffren Suarez. They then zoom in again excellence through goals from Thierry Henry (minute 24) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (56). The only goal in minute 25 Xerez created by Mario Bermejo.

    Xerez himself playing with nine players in this fight after Matthias Allustiza red dikartu in minutes 90 and Fabian Orellana in minute 92, when entering injury time.

    Thanks to this win, Barca firmly on top with 87 grades, or winning four digits of the new Real Madrid will play a few minutes against Real Zaragoza.

    As for Xerez, the defeat was more to immerse them in the bottom of the standings with 27 grades.

    The game

    The first golden opportunity to achieve a fruitful direct Barcelona-minute goal in the 14th. Xavi Hernandez breakthrough bait successfully exploited well by Jeffren. Last name directly off a hard kick that goalkeeper Renan unable driven.

    Two minutes later, Xerez could get a chance to break into Barca nets. Operand from Fabio Orellana met Francis direct kick off volleyball. The ball was right to lead Barca goalkeeper, but were driven Victor Valdes.

    Barca then winning 2-0 on 24 minutes. Goals this time originated from the cooperation between Yaya Toure and Zalatan Ibrahimovic. Ibra and then give the ball to Henry who were near the goal. Henry calmly Renan was breaking into the nets for the second time.

    Xerez but did not take long to minimize the position. A minute after Henry's goal, they successfully took advantage of Barca defense and breaking into nets Valdes.

    Starting from Maxwell, who lost the ball, players Xerez then provide operands to the tMario Bermejo. In conditions of one-on-one with Valdes, he also managed to break into Barca nets. Turned into a 2-1 score.

    In the rest of the first half, Barca had time to get a chance on 27 minutes through a free kick Rafael Marquez. Unfortunately for him, kicked the ball wide on the top crossbar. The first half ended with the score 2-1.

    At minute 46, Seydou Keita get a free kick and kick leads right into the goal, if not deflected Xerez defender. There was no goal, only a corner kick.

    Barca finally winning 3-1 when the match entered the 56th minute. Toure re-initiate the occurrence of these goals before finally giving operand to Ibrahimovic. Swedish attacker had any direct mercilessly ripped the nets Xerez. 3-1.

    As the game entered the 90th minute, Xerez playing with 10 men after Messi Allustiza violated. Xerez reduced the number of players again a few moments later.

    The second red card for Xerez born again and this time on behalf Orellina. Just like Allustiza, he expelled for doing hard tackle.

    Team Line-Up:

    Barcelona: Victor Valdes, Dmytro Chigrynskiy, Rafael Marquez (Gerard Pique 53), Maxwell, Carles Puyol, Yaya Toure, Seydou Keita, Xavi Hernandez, Jeffren Suarez (Lionel Messi 52), Thierry Henry (Bojan Krkic 74), Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    Xerez: Renan, Leonardo Gioda, Aythami (Carlos Calvo 45), David Prieto, Casado, Francis, Victor Sanchez, Sidi Yaya Keita (Vicente Moreno 63), Emiliano Armenteros (Matias Allustiza 79), Fabian Orellana, Mario Bermejo.


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