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  • Spain 3-2 Saudi Arabia: Alonso great-strike

    Spain managed to pluck victory in a trial match Saudi Arabia's counterproductive. Yet the victory gained by Iker Casillas et al. progress is not easy.

    Spain lowered 3-2 Arabs. In this action Euro 2008 champions had missed the first 0-1. Time to lead 2-1, the "Petro Dollars" teams scored an equalizing goal.

    La Furia Roja winning goal freshly picked in the second-half injury time.

    The game

    In a match that was held at the Tivoli Stadium Neuvo, Austria Saturday (05/29/2010) , Spain showing Sergio Ramos, Xavi Hernandez, Xabi Alonso, David Silva and David Villa as a starter.

    Meanwhile, coach Vincente del Bosque stoke Cesc Fabregas and Fernando Torres.

    Even so Spain started the match poorly. Even Saudi Arabia had time to reap the opportunities in the seventh minute to take advantage of concessions in La Furia Roja back row. Naif Hazazi Sodoran ball from the right wing received by Sultan Al Namare.

    In the next Al Namare not get the guard managed to deceive the goalkeeper Iker Casillas. However executions numbered back eight players were still off the mark.

    Entering the 13th minute, but Spain has a chance through Sergio Ramos utilizing Xavi corner still deviated slightly from the target.

    Country "Petro Dollars" successfully ripped La Furia Roja goal in minute 16. Receive a corner kick ball, Osama Hawsawi header took Saudi Arabia lead 1-0.

    Spain scored in the 29th minute. Andres Iniesta's cross from the left wing was met David Villa's header. The ball failed dammed goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah thus changing the score to 1-1.

    European champions in 2008 after it was in control of the game. However, a number of opportunities created by Villa and Sergio Ramos failed to bear fruit numbers.

    Two second-half minutes of walking, Spain presents a threat. David Silva pass to try to pursue the penalty box Andres Iniesta. But Waleed Abdullah who came forward had broken the raid which was built by Del Bosque's men.

    La Furia Roja efforts fruitful results after 58 minutes through goals from Xabi Alonso was created by a kick from outside the penalty box. This goal David Villa started with a buzz from the left wing. Furthermore Anyar Barcelona player was handed the ball to the middle of a received Andres Iniesta.

    Iniesta then remove the bait toward the penalty box, but can be removed by the Middle Eastern team defender. The ball is rolled toward Xabi immediately greeted players and successful Real Madrid goalkeeper tore Saudi Arabia.

    Spain 2-1 advantage has not been made satisfied. Invasive also always waged Matador team. Xavi Hernandez hard kick from outside the penalty box on 68 minutes was still sideways.

    Saudi Arabia managed to tear the goalkeeper Casillas for the second time in the 74th minute. Mohammad Al-Sahlawi kick from outside the penalty box against the Sultan Al Namare chance. The dead step Casillas failed to prevent the vibrating ball nets.

    Spanish efforts to equate the score obtained by Jesus Navas in the last minute games. Sevilla players who entered as a substitute for it releases the execution of the left goalpost in Saudi Arabia. But these efforts can still be ignored by Navas Waleed Abdullah.

    Spain ensure victory in the injury time thanks to goals by Joseba Llorente. Xabi Alonso corner passing football, Llorente directly precedes the ball Waleed Abdullah's efforts to try to catch the ball.

    Scores 3-2 stay until the fight closed.


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